River Phoenix's Final Film To Be Released

on Monday, 28 May 2012. Posted in Celebrities, Breaking News

River Phoenix

Nineteen years after River Phoenix suddenly died, collapsing outside of Johnny Depp's West Hollywood nightclub after taking a speedball mixture of heroin and cocaine, he will be appearing on screen in his final film. According to DigitalJournal.com, the production of this film, Dark Blood, stopped 10 days before the end of shooting, as a result of the star's death.

The indie feature, directed by George Sluizer, set to be a runaway hit in 1993 was shelved after River passed away. For nearly two decades, Academy Award-nominated Sluizer, hid his the raw film footage, fearing it would be destroyed by the insurance company, who believed the unfinished work was no longer usable.

Read more about the film, including a trailer here.

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