Ritalin Abuse And Addiction

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Ritalin Abuse And Addiction

Ritalin is a schedule II narcotic also known as methylphenidate and is within the same classification of drugs such as morphine, amphetamines and cocaine. Ritalin is often abused by teens for the stimulant effects it has on the body. When taken in larger doses Ritalin use can become fatal as it puts a lot of strain on the body. The amount of stress Ritalin puts on the heart is dangerous and there have been many reports of teenagers who have died of heart attacks during athletic activities who were on Ritalin at the time.

The effects that Ritalin has on the body are the same as other forms of speech which includes increased heart rate, loss of appetite and insomnia. Ritalin can be taken orally or injected but injecting Ritalin has a terrible effect on the body. When Ritalin is injected the solid materials from the insoluble fillers that the tablets contain will block small blood vessels when ingested through the blood stream. This can cause horrible damage to the eyes and lungs. In addition to the physical effects psychotic behavior or hallucinations could also arise, many people also experience depression after their Ritalin wears off.

Research has also shown that abusing Ritalin could increase the risk of cancer. Short term effects of Ritalin abuse include nausea, bizarre behavior, dilation of pupils, and loss of appetite, paranoia, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and seizures. The long term effects of Ritalin abuse may include depression, malnutrition, liver, lung and kidney damage, permanent damage to the blood vessels of the brain and heart, high risk of strokes and heart attacks, disorientation, strong psychological dependence and weight loss. An addiction to Ritalin can be deadly so if early signs of Ritalin addiction are shown it is important that the addict get help as soon as possible.

Ritalin has a high potential for addiction because of it similarities to other illicit stimulant drugs such as amphetamines. When Ritalin tablets are crushed and snorted the potential for abuse increases significantly. Many addicts who have taken the stimulant for a long period of time will build up a high tolerance. When a Ritalin tolerance is developed the response to the stimulant will gradually decrease which mean that the addict will have to consume larger doses of the drug to produce the same effects that were initially desired. This greatly increases the risk of a person developing an addiction to Ritalin.

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