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Recovery in the Fashion Industry

on Monday, 09 March 2015. Posted in Breaking News

Supermodels and fashion designers alike are known to make headlines for their drug and alcohol abuse problems. The fashion industry is no stranger to substance abuse and many models have spoken out about how prevalent addiction is in their field of work.

The fashion world is a business where alcohol and drugs are widely accepted and no one would think twice if a model showed up high to a photo shoot. Thankfully there are now many people in the fashion industry who are openly discussing their recovery and bringing these issues of drug abuse to light.

Supermodels like Amber Valletta and Jodie Kidd have spoken about their drug abuse and even famed fashion designer John Galliano has admitted to an addiction to both drugs and alcohol. Sober people in the fashion industry can give hope and inspiration to other struggling with the same problems.

Cocaine and Opiate Abuse for Supermodels
There have been countless numbers of supermodels caught using drugs and suffering from addiction. Amber Valletta says that it was not unusual for her to show up on drugs at photo shoots, even for multi-million dollar campaigns.

She has admitted that drug abuse is very common in modeling with women using cocaine and laxatives to stay thin. Models like Liz Hurley also claim that heroin abuse is rampant in the fashion industry with many models aspiring to achieve the "heroin chic" look especially in the lower scale of the fashion world.

Jodie Kidd who was known for her gaunt look was caught trying to buy cocaine in 2007 which nearly ruined her career. A BBC documentary about the Elite model agency revealed that models were supplied drugs and even girls as young as 13 were hooked on cocaine. The agency vowed to clean up its act but drugs remain a prevalent issue throughout the fashion industry.

Fame and Drug Addiction
High profile supermodels like Naomi Campbell have also admitted to being addicted to cocaine. Campbell claims that it was very easy to obtain the drug in the fashion industry without the need of a so-called dealer.

She insists now that she has been drug free for over seven years and has spoken about how much of her erratic and troubled behavior in the past was due to cocaine addiction. Cover girl Amber Smith struggled with an opiate addiction for years before going on the second season of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" which chronicled her recovery from drug abuse.She was able to kick her drug habit with the help of suboxone and has been clean from drug abuse for three years.

Calvin Klein model, Lara Stone, has been open about discussing her problem with alcoholism and claims she was a "violent drunk". Stone has been sober since 2009 after being able to complete rehab treatment in South Africa which she says was the best thing she has ever done in her life.

Although drugs like cocaine and heroin are common in the fashion industry, there are plenty of models and designers who are speaking out about their addictions and how they were able to overcome substance abuse. With drugs being so accessible in the world of fashion it is not surprising that models end up with serious dependencies.

Cocaine is passed around in the industry to keep people awake and working long hours while remaining skinny for the runway. The enormous pressure to stay thin as a model is partially to blame but widespread acceptance of drug use is another issue that may explain the level of addiction in the fashion business.

As more designers and models discuss their recovery it may bring a more positive change to the fashion industry and inspire others to quit the substance abuse that is so commonplace in their career.

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