‘Recovery High’ Is Giving Philadelphia Teens A Safe Place To Learn

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Recovery High School Helps Teens With Addiction

More than ever, it’s important that young people are educated about drugs and given the chance to grow up and be educated in a drug and alcohol free environment. Kids who are surrounded by peers who do drugs or drink alcohol are particularly vulnerable to develop dangerous addictions. Teens are at that special age when approval from peers means everything, and that’s why it’s crucial that teens grow up around peers that believe in living sober lives. And when it comes to teens who have already gone down the wrong path, and are trying to refocus their lives, it’s particularly important that they get educated in a sober and supportive environment. This is why “Recovery High” is such a revolutionary and simple concept at the same time.

Helping Kids Transition
When a teenager has already entered rehab, this shows that something was deeply wrong with the lifestyle that they previously lived. Whether it was their home environment, the kids they hung out with, or their own personal demons, teenagers who have to enter rehab are an extremely high-risk group. “Recovery High” is one of the few schools in the entire United States that is aimed at helping these high-risk youths. Many teens use drugs for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • They want to fit in
  • They want to feel less stressed out
  • They’re bored and looking for excitement
  • They’re experimenting

The Bridge Way School, otherwise known as “Recovery High” is aimed at helping teenagers transition to living a sober and drug free life once they leave rehab. The Bridge Way School is extremely important when it comes to helping teenagers develop the tools not to relapse into their previous lifestyle.

Addressing Recovery
Many of the kids who attend The Bridge Way School have always done poorly academically and are not sure where they are going with their lives. While many of these teens would’ve performed poorly if sent to a regular school, many of them excel at “Recovery High.” The big difference appears to be that recovery and addiction are not issues that are swept under the rug. Recovery is an issue that is talked about on a regular basis, and everyone at the school is in the same boat, which is that they’ve recently been released from rehab because of a dependence on drugs or alcohol. Kids feel like they can talk freely about their problems with people who understand and don’t judge them. This is an environment that students with addiction problems rarely are able to encounter.

Counseling And Group Sessions
Every day students meet with counselors to talk about their issues before heading to classes. This one on one time probably helps kids immensely to focus themselves before entering the classroom environment. Then they also have group meetings four times a week talking about their progress and recovery with the other students who attend. This environment of recovery and communication helps students confront issues that may have lead to their addiction. And instead of becoming angry or resentful because they feel they are being judged and chastised for their past mistakes, they can instead talk about how the future will be better.

Positive Peer Interactions
Perhaps most of all, the students of The Bridge Way School will learn to have positive interactions with peers based on genuine sharing, instead of doing drugs or drinking alcohol together. This is where The Bridge Way School may provide the best service, which is connecting students with other peers who can provide a positive influence, instead of enabling them to relapse. Teenagers are more likely to follow a crowd of their peers, instead of adults telling them what to do. And in this case, their peers are telling them to do good in school, stay away from drugs and alcohol, and to focus on a positive future.

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