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Recovery Community Starting To Show Up In Force At Music Festivals

on Tuesday, 30 September 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Music festivals have long been a mainstay of American popular culture. They offer a great way for music lovers to see some of their favorite artists all at one event. The festivals also boast a wonderful chance for music lovers from all walks of life to meet other people with similar tastes and to enjoy the experience of listening to music in a beautiful outdoor setting. For many people, music festivals have also long meant drug and alcohol use. Many festivals have plenty of beer tents available, and the use of recreational drugs is fairly rampant at most of the most popular events. More and more, however, members of the recovery community are finding that they have a large presence at many festivals.


Festivals With a Sober Presence


While most festivals have some sober presence, some festivals in particular are shaping up to be particularly sober friendly. At the Coachella music festival in Indio, California, so many sober music lovers attend that there are twelve step meetings at the festival itself, run by two music lovers who are a couple that is both in recovery. At the popular music and arts festival Burning Man, where many attendees may be under the influence of drugs, there are entire camps devoted to sober attendees. Just a couple of these camps include a camp called Camp Anonymous and Camp Stella, both of which offer campers the chance to enjoy the arts and culture of the festival without the risks that are inherent with drug use. Another very popular music festival Bonnaroo, which takes place in Tennessee in June, is known for its beautiful outdoor settings as well as it’s high caliber of music. At Bonnaroo, one of the most devout groups of attendees is a group of people known as Soberoo, which is a group of sober music enthusiasts whose aim it is to enjoy the many music acts at Bonnaroo and many other festivals in the context of a sober community.


Sobriety and Festivals


Although many people may not think of sobriety and festivals as going hand in hand, the reality is that they go quite well together. Festivals are all about community and making connections with artistically minded people. This can be a very fun and exciting setting for a person in recovery who is in the process of finding other friends with interests that stimulate them creatively and intellectually. Many sober people who are creative find that once they are sober, they are much more able to make good, thought provoking art and to enjoy the art of others. A big reason for this is that once sober, they are in a much better position to work with focus and clarity and to take in the art that they are enjoying without having their perception clouded by drugs or alcohol.


Sobriety Means Freedom

Most people in the recovery community recognize that with sobriety comes a chance to be truly free. This often means that they are free to engage in behavior that allows them to go against the grain, or to express themselves to the fullest. Once drugs and alcohol have been removed from a person’s life, they are much more themselves. Many sober music lovers and lovers of other forms of entertainment enjoy gathering with others and knowing that they can behave as wildly or in as original a manner as they’d like, and that as long as they are not using, they can let their imaginations run wild when it comes to ways to celebrate and enjoy life. Sober festival goers are just one group of people who are doing this.

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