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Rapper Steps From Darkness To Light In Song

on Tuesday, 19 February 2013. Posted in Music in Recovery, Voices in Recovery, Breaking News

Santa Monica Sam

Many songs have been written about the darkness of addiction, but few speak to the light and hope of recovery. The song featured in this article, "This Thing Called Addiction" covers all the bases. It was written and performed by Rapper, Santa Monica Sam, a songwriter and recording artist who enjoys creating recovery related music. The first verse in the song speaks to the nature of addiction, the second verse speaks to the repercussions/consequences and the third verse speaks to the hope and inspiration of recovery. It literally takes the listener on a journey from darkness to light.

Sam has been an active and sober member of the recovery community for over twenty years. He's also an avid roller skater, who enjoys hanging out with the Venice Beach skate crew on sunny weekends. He relocated from Atlanta to Los Angeles in 2002. While living in Atlanta, he developed a group fitness skating program called Skate-O-Robics. At the time of his relocation, he thought LA would be a great place to re-launch his skating program, but after some soul searching, Sam had a shift in perception. He decided to put the skating idea on hold and began to write songs.

Although twice the age of the average Rapper, Sam could no longer ignore the Universal expressions flowing through him, as the result of his shift in Consciousness. He decided to take those expressions and carry a message of hope and inspiration in the form of lyrics and music.

His recently released CD, "Universal Flow" was consciously written and is intended to speak consciously to others. Although listeners who are familiar with recovery language, can hear spiritual principles in the songs, The second track on the CD "This Thing Called Addiction" is recovery specific and the video can be seen on youtube. The song/video was recently featured in the Reel Recovery Film Festival, in New York, Vancouver, Ft. Lauderdale and Los Angeles.

Sam has found a great deal of fulfillment in the creative and artistic process of writing and recording music. He's performed and participated at several events in and around LA. He's been a guest on radio shows like and He is presently an active member in the Los Angeles recovery community. His CD, "Universal Flow" can be purchased on itunes,, and most digital music stores.

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"This Thing Called Addiction" By: Santa Monica Sam

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