Randy Travis Arrested Again This Year, Alcohol Was Involved Again, But This Time He Also Threatened To Kill Officers

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randy travis arrested alcohol intoxication

On Wednesday morning American entertainer Randy Travis was arrested following a single car crash he was involved in.

The 53 year old powerhouse performer is most well-known for his country ballads and famous gospel song renditions.

It seems as though Travis may be well-known for more than his fantastic voice and guitar skills, following the sudden events of Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

Sources have revealed that Travis’s behavior was quite unusual and somewhat erratic, even before the crash occurred.

In fact, a convenience store employee called the police after Travis allegedly entered the convenience store, without any clothes on, to purchase cigarettes.

Subsequently, and sometime later, another individual allegedly called 911 informing police that a man [allegedly identified as Travis] was laying in the roadway not too far from the convenience store.

Meanwhile, state troopers responded to the calls by arriving at the scene, where they allegedly located Travis, at which time he allegedly smelled of alcohol.

Travis reportedly refused state trooper’s efforts to administer both, a blood alcohol test and a portable breathalyzer test. In addition to a pungent alcohol odor, state troopers observed that Travis exhibited many other classic characteristics of intoxication.

State troopers initially arrested Travis on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, a misdemeanor.

However, during the course of the arrest, Travis’s behavior became more erratic and turned violent, when he threatened to shoot as well as kill the arresting state trooper.

In a split second, Travis was in much deeper trouble as he was suddenly being arrested for a charge of retaliation as well, which is a felony of the third degree. Such a charge is punishable by as much as a $10,000.00 and upwards of ten years in prison.

Travis’s blood was later obtained at the closest hospital, after a judge issued a search warrant, mandating that blood be withdrawn.

The entire ordeal ended, at nearly 5 a.m., once Travis was booked into the Grayson County Jail facility.

With that said, Travis was arrested earlier this year, in February, when he was cited for public intoxication. Police located Travis, in his vehicle, parked at church parking lot. He allegedly appeared intoxicated, with slurred speech, and smelled of alcohol, as he sat in his vehicle with an open bottle of wine, according to the police report.

It is very likely that such evidence will be introduced at his arraignment regarding the current charges.

Travis’s bond was set at $20,000.00 for the charge of retaliation, while the charge of driving while intoxicated was set at $1,500.00. The girlfriend of Travis posted both and he was subsequently released.

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