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Prostitute's Charges Are Reduced After Man Died While Having Sex With Her

on Wednesday, 09 May 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Heroin

Heroin Overdose

A Michigan prostitute no longer faces life for a felony for supplying heroin to customer who died while having sex with her. Oakland County prosecutors dropped a charge of drug delivery causing death against a 28-year-old prostitute.

She is scheduled to be sentenced on a reduced charge of delivery of a controlled substance, and could be released, as she has already served 14 months. Her original charge carried a maximum of life in prison. Her lawyer plans to ask for time served.

According to authorities, a 38-year-old man hired the prostitute to come to his home in a Detroit suburb. He also asked her to bring him heroin. She brought $80 worth. The man used the heroin, drank alcohol, then sat in a hot tub with her for 30 minutes. They were engaged in sex when he collapsed. She called 911, and tried to resuscitate him until the paramedics arrived.

Her lawyer said, "She made mistakes and she knows that. But she could have left the scene, and nobody would have known, but she stayed there until help arrived. This was not a lot of heroin, and his heart was almost double the size of a normal heart. Then you have the hot tub, the shower, and the sex all contributing."

The prostitute's defense attorney hired a cardiologist to review the autopsy. He wrote, "I am not convinced that his death was primarily from overdose of heroin." Oakland County Medical Examiner amended the autopsy, and then the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office reduced the woman's charge to delivery of a controlled substance. The prostitute plead guilty to this new charge.

Update: She was released, and will be on probation for two years. Click here, for those details.

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