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Probation Officer Arrested In Overdose After Turning To Drug Dealing

on Tuesday, 26 November 2013. Posted in Breaking News, Heroin

Probation Officer Arrested In Overdose After Turning To Drug Dealing

James K. Fogarty was a probation officer based in Illinois who committed one of the most heinous violations of his profession: drug dealing. Probation officers are assigned with the duty of supervising individuals who have been released from jail. They play an important part in keeping people who were incarcerated from re-offending, and even make suggestions to the judge about sentencing.

This is why it’s especially troubling that James K. Fogarty was charged with dealing drugs. He has also been associated with the fatal cocaine overdose of Associate Judge Joseph Christ. Apparently, James Fogarty was a drug buddy of Judge Joseph Christ and they habitually used heroin while also carrying on appearances of being respectable professionals.

Fogarty’s Future Hangs In The Balance

James K. Fogarty will only be sentenced to sixty months in prison for dealing drugs if he didn’t supply the cocaine that killed Judge Joseph Christ. However, if an investigation yields compelling evidence that Fogarty supplied the drugs that killed Christ, he will be sentenced to a much harsher sentence than the sixty-month plea deal that Fogarty’s legal team has negotiated for him.

Since being arrested James K. Fogarty has reportedly passed ten drug tests and he has accepted that he will have to serve time no matter what. He will undoubtedly serve at least sixty months for dealing drugs.

Laws Are Getting Tougher On Drug Dealers

With the epidemic of drug abuse getting worse, stricter laws have been enacted to try to stem the tide. As a result, drug dealers are not only being prosecuted for distributing drugs, but also for any fatalities that happen as a result. These laws are made to try to deter people from dealing drugs and keeping them out of the hands of people who can overdose on them.

James K. Fogarty regularly sold and used drugs with Judge Joseph Christ. They are both an unfortunate example of people in power who ruined their lives over their pursuit of heroin.

Heroin Is A Commonly Used Drug

Heroin has been a widely used opiate since the 1970s when awareness of the dangers of the drug skyrocketed. Commonly snorted or injected, it most commonly is found in a brown or tar-like form. Dependence on the drug grows the more the addict uses it on a regular basis.

In the case of James K. Fogarty and Judge Joseph Christ, they both habitually used the drug, and in Judge Christ’s case his chronic abuse proved to be fatal. Other negative effects of doing heroin include: • Skin abscesses from injections • Risk of transmitting HIV or hepatitis • Kidney problems • Pulmonary complications

Drug Addiction Affects People From All Walks Of Life

What this case also shows is that drug addiction affects people from all walks of life. While it may generally be associated with low-income areas, even people like judges and probation officers are susceptible to becoming addicts. What’s even more troubling, is that another drug dealer named Sean D. McGilvery claims that he sold drugs to Judge Joseph Christ on almost a daily basis.

Scandal Has Caused Shockwaves

The reality that a judge who was in charge of sentencing was a hardcore heroin addict has caused shockwaves throughout the community. As a figure of authority, people are taught that they are able to trust people who make oaths to pursue their profession with integrity.

Judge Joseph Christ was obviously doing the exact opposite, by consorting with drug dealers and using heroin on a daily basis. By sending James K. Fogarty to jail for a longer time if his drugs killed Judge Joseph Christ, a stern message is being sent that drug dealers are also responsible when someone overdoses on their drugs.

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