Prescription Drug Abuse

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Prescription Drug Abuse

The majority of people only take medicine because of the reasons their doctors have prescribed it to them. However, it is estimated that up to 20 percent of the United States population has used prescription drugs for recreational reasons. Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem and with more and more people being able to get their hands on them it is becoming very serious. Prescription drug abuse can cause people to develop addictions to stimulants, sedatives, and narcotic painkillers. The availability of drugs is one of the main reasons that drug abuse is increasing and there are even online pharmacies that sell prescription drugs, making it easy for anyone to get them.

Recreational use of prescription drugs is especially a concerning problem with young adults and teenagers. Studies have shown that teenagers are more likely to abuse prescription drugs then they are to abuse drugs that are illegal. A lot of teens think that just because prescription drugs are prescribed by the doctor that they are safe. However, taking prescription drugs to self medicate or get high is just as addicting and dangerous as consuming illegal street drugs. There is also serious health risks associated with consuming prescription drugs for recreational purposes.

Prescription drugs are to be taken only under the advice of a doctor and even then patients are often monitored closely to make sure problems such potential addiction can be avoided. Many prescription drugs, pills in particular, look the same and it can be fatal if someone takes a pill that they are uncertain is theirs or not. Everyone can have different reactions to drugs because of the wide variety of peoples’ body chemistry. A drug that may have been okay for one person to take could be life threatening for someone else who it is not prescribed to.

Recent studies show that increases in prescription medication use have resulted in more poisonings for children even considering efforts that have been put in place to prevent that outcome. Many experts are pushing for more public health initiatives to help educate parents on how to reduce exposure of prescription medication to their children and safely story their medication. Physicians who prescribe the prescription medications are also becoming more aware of the potential risk and exposures to children. However, prescription drug use will likely continue to increase so researchers will need to find new ways to help prevent prescription drug abuse and fatal incidents from occurring.

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