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Pete Doherty Speaks About His Current Struggles with Addiction

on Monday, 28 May 2012. Posted in Voices in Recovery, Breaking News

Pete Doherty and Addiction

Pete Doherty, the former Libertines frontman, has admitted he is currently "struggling" in his battle with drug addiction. According to, Pete is currently promoting his new film, Confession of a Child of the Century, and has spoken frankly about coping with addiction during the making of the film.

The Guardian asked him how he managed to cope with it on set, curious if he hid it from the film's director. Pete replied, "I couldn't hide it from her. She didn't really care. It was just a question of how quickly I can find a vein and then let's go on with it. It's poison but it's also medicine. When you're in that state, you can't function unless you have your fix." He was also asked if he was clean, now. Pete responded, "I am struggling, to be honest."

Pete also spoke about spending four months in prison last year, calling it an "aggressive, money-oriented" environment. He said, "It's horrible, horrible. There are lots of aggressive, money-oriented, very masculine people, but at the same time, there is a really nasty homoerotic violence. It's not the place to be if you are a freethinking man."

The Guardian also asked him how he got along with the prison guards, and Pete added, "They enjoyed it, seeing me vulnerable. I was getting a lot of mail from kids saying: 'Pete, I love your songs. I love your poetry.' They were having to sit and read this. It's winding them up because they had this idea I was this scumbag drug addict and I am getting these letters saying what a talented songwriter I am. They didn't like it. So they put me in with the nastiest, most horrible bloke you could imagine. But it turned out he was a big music fan and he didn't like bullies."

Pete is also currently recording a new studio album, and he confirmed to have seven songs.

Reading Pete's quotes, my heart goes out to his struggle. I know what it is like, as I have been there. And I heard an old piece of me, in his words. I understand what he is feeling, and when I was there, it was horrible. I just did not see that at the time. My heart goes out to Pete, and I have to admire him for being so open and honest about his struggles. Thank you for sharing, Pete.

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