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Peoria Hospitals Seeing More Heroin Overdoses

on Tuesday, 26 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Heroin

heroin addiction overdose deaths

In Peoria, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center reported that typically, they may treat one heroin overdose in a week. However, last week they treat nine, and two of those people ended up dying. Some would come by way of an ambulance, while other would literally be left at the doorstep with a needle in their arm.

A strange side note that they noticed, is that in almost every case, the victim is a young white males from nice areas around Peoria.

Director of emergency medical services, George Hevesy commented, “I don’t think we can put our heads in the sand because we live in suburbia or we don’t live downtown.”

With an increasing number of overdose cases, Hevesy hope that parents will take the time to keep a closer eye on their children’s habits. “It’s frustrating as a physician to see our youth involved with such a dangerous drug,” said Hevesy. “It’s Russian roulette.”

Police are unable to pinpoint exactly what is leading to the increase of heroin use. And St. Francis is not the only hospital seeing more overdose cases. Just over the weekend, Methodist Medical Center reported treating 6 overdose patients.

The strange thing is that other hospitals around Chicago are not seeing this same kind of issue. It almost seems to be confined to one area. Proctor Hospital spokesman, Steve Wilson commented on the issue. “These folks are all saying they’re not seeing anything different,” said Wilson. “I’m not sure what that is saying for Peoria.”

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