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Passed Out Parents Charged With Child Neglect

on Monday, 07 May 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Methadone

Methadone and Child Neglect

A South Carolina couple is accused of child neglect after they were found passed out in their home with the children unattended. According to, deputies were called after neighbors saw a woman passed out in the front yard, and her husband carried her inside.

When police arrived, they knocked and yelled several times. There was response, and they could hear a crying child inside. They entered through an unlocked door to find the woman passed out on the couch with two children sitting beside her and an infant crying in the car seat on the floor. The man was asleep in the bed, and it took deputies yelling and shaking him several times to wake him up. The man claimed to have gotten off work on the third shift before he went to the methadone clinic with his wife.

The woman and children were taken to Spartanburg Regional Medical Center to be checked out. They children were then taken to a children's shelter. One of the children was very dirty, and the two youngest children had diapers that were so wet they were soaking their clothes. A witness told police they saw the couple's truck stopped along the road earlier that morning with the children unsecured in the car while the parents slept.

Both parents are being held on three counts of child neglect. They are each being held with $30,000 bonds.

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