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Over 300 Bags of Heroin Found in Man’s Home

on Tuesday, 19 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Heroin

heroin possession

Law enforcement discovered over 300 bags of heroin during a search of a man’s home early Tuesday morning.

James Hull Jr., a convicted felon, was the resident of the house, along with his wife and 2 young children, who were all home during the search.

During the search, police also found a loaded gun beside Hull’s bed, “where anyone within reach of the gun had access to it,” Capt. John Cooney commented.

Police were suspect of criminal activity in the home, and a search warrant was granted following a month long investigation of the house.

According to authorities, 313 bags of heroin, almost 2 oz. of marijuana, $500 cash, a loaded gun, and multiple prescription narcotics were seized from Hull’s home.

Hull is facing multiple charges including of criminal possession of a controlled substance as well as criminal possession of a weapon. Both felony charges, carrying a possible 30 year, or more, prison sentence. Hull is also facing misdemeanor charges for possession of marijuana.

Currently, Hull is being held in Rensselaer County jail without bail following his arraignment in City Court.

According to Cooney, Hull has a pending charge from Pennsylvania involving identity theft.

Hull is no stranger to the system. According to Department of Corrections, his past consist of 14 years in prison involving burglary, theft, and weapon charges.

Cleary, Hull had no regard for the safety of his wife, or the children in the home. With a case like this, involving children, it is good to see justice served. When someone choses to live the drug lifestyle, too often, they disregard those close to them. The person wrapped up in the lifestyle may feel they are only hurting themselves, but that is rarely the case.

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