Oscar De La Hoya Is Battling Demons Once Again

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Oscar De La Hoya Sobriety

The champion boxer, Oscar De La Hoya has recently checked into a rehab center for addiction treatment. De La Hoya has struggled with alcohol and drug abuse problems for many years and was in and out of rehab in the past. His announcement that he will be returning to rehab came suddenly before an important fight between Canelo Alvarez, a boxer represented by De La Hoya’s promotion company, and Floyd Mayweather. De La Hoya was regretful about being unable to attend the fight but asserted that his health was in danger and he has to do what is necessary to recover from his illness.

Oscar De La Hoya is well-known as a boxing great and has won the gold medal in the 1992 Olympics as well as titles through six different weight divisions in his career. However, he claims that his toughest opponent in life has been his fight against addiction. Although he has experimented with drugs in the past, De La Hoya’s main struggle has been with alcohol abuse. He had completed alcohol rehab treatment two years ago but he feels that he is never fully cured of the disease of alcoholism which is a demon he constantly battles in his life. He has worked toward recovery by attending regular Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, sometimes six times a week, and relying on the love and support of his wife but he has not completely escaped his addiction.

The boxing great speaks openly about his problems with alcohol addiction because to him it is the fight of his life that he continues to go through. Before his first stay in rehab, De La Hoya was close to losing everything including his marriage and children and was in a deep state of depression. After hitting rock bottom, he began his work in rehab and began to see his illness has happening for a reason that will ultimately be a positive reason. He continued to work through the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as part of his recovery and made amends to those he had wronged in the past. He remained honest whenever he slipped and began to drink again while experiencing remorse and new resolve after every instance of relapse.

In spite of his struggles with alcohol, De La Hoya is one of the most successful athletes in his sport. He was a top athlete for nearly a decade with more than two dozen title belts and his last fight before retirement against Floyd Mayweather created a pay-per-view record in boxing. Even after retiring, he remained successful through his boxing promotion company, Golden Boy Promotions which is one of the biggest and most profitable in the sport. With so much success, De La Hoya still experiences the ups and downs of addiction that plague him as the most difficult fight of his life.

Oscar De La Hoya has struggled against alcoholism for years and unfortunately it seems that he has to battle his addiction once again. After voluntarily checking into a rehab treatment center just before an important boxing fight, it seems that he has experienced a relapse that he cannot handle on his own. His issues with drinking have not affected his success or his optimism about life but complete recovery and sobriety it is a fight that he has not yet won. For De La Hoya, going to rehab and doing the work at home toward recovery is the hardest thing he has ever done. There is a lot more work fighting against his addiction in store for him as he enters rehab treatment for alcohol abuse once again.

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