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Oregon Star Colt Lyerla Looking To Put Past behind Him and Succeed In the NFL

on Wednesday, 27 August 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Oregon Star Colt Lyerla Looking To Put Past behind Him and Succeed In the NFL

The Green Bay Packers recently signed former Oregon tight end, Colt Lyerla to their team giving him a chance to redeem himself after a troubled past. The NFL player worried that he may never be able to play football again after being suspended and eventually dismissed from his Oregon team. He also dealt with some other issues due to his being arrested for cocaine possession and having his driver's license suspended.

Lyerla was even coping with the possibility of being evicted, leaving him little time to focus on practicing football or studying playbooks after he was dismissed from his team. After experiencing such a low point in his life, Lyerla has finally been given the opportunity to play as tight end again for the Green Bay Packers.

A Talented but Troubled Player

Colt Lyerla has proven himself to be a very talented player and has put up very impressive athletic numbers but many teams felt it would be too risky to have him on the team. He was suspended from the Oregon Ducks for violating team rules and was later dismissed for missing games as well. His drug use and arrest for cocaine possession have also been an issue making him a questionable choice to play on the NFL.

However, Wisconsin has taken the potential risk of having Lyerla on their team and given him the opportunity to get his life back on track and get involved in football again. Lyerla is taking the chance seriously and could be able to stick with Green Bay permanently. The team recently lost their former tight end, Jermichael Finley and now considers Lyerla to be a versatile playmaker that could provide an equally talented replacement.

The former Oregon player performed well at the NFL Scouting Combine, with impressive athleticism and excellent routing skills. He has already managed to showcase his talent but he now needs to prove that he can be a disciplined team player as well.

A Second Chance in the NFL

The Green Bay Packers took on Lyerla mostly because of his talent but also as a way to be a positive impact on his life and give credit to their program. Lyerla was very grateful that the team decided to take him on and has ambitions of making changes in his life for the better. He has been trying to move in the right direction and the chance to play football again will be a way for him to find a better path.

He knows that the Packers believe in second chances and wants to use their generosity to better himself and the team. Fans still support Lyerla who was given a standing ovation by the crowd at the first OTA practice.

He was surprised but grateful to receive such a warm welcome from fans after having been away for the past year. Lyerla's talent is undeniable in the eyes of football fans everywhere that still believe in his ability to be a great player.

Although Colt Lyerla hit rock bottom after leaving his Oregon team and getting caught for cocaine use and possession, things are beginning to look up for him following his signing with the Packers. Lyerla has made plenty of mistakes in the past but his focus now is proving that he can be a responsible and valuable member of the team.

After going through so many difficult things the past year, Lyerla was able to examine his problems and take steps to finally change his ways. He knows what he needs to do to improve his career and be the best person possible for his new team.

photo credit: gettyimages

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