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‘One Day At A Time’ An Alcoholic Mantra

on Friday, 06 June 2014. Posted in Breaking News, Alcohol

‘One Day At A Time’ An Alcoholic Mantra

Drinking alcohol is a part of our global culture. It is not uncommon for someone to feel that if they can have fun with friends, some alcohol must be present. Alcohol is everywhere in the media, be it in the movies, on advertisements, in magazines, television shows, and so on. There are liquor stores and bars in most towns and cities in the country. It is hard to find a place where the drinking culture is not present.

The Disease

In this environment, it is easy for an alcohol addiction to rise unnoticed. Addictions form slowly and elusively, being barely noticeable to anyone, especially to whom in which the problem is growing. Small problems begin to arise, making the sick person start to become a nuisance to those around them.

Then the problems start to get worse. Friends become alienated, maybe a job starts to become compromised or grades start to slip. A DUI happens, a car gets crashed, blackouts happen more regularly, and the person starts to lose control of themselves when they drink. They cannot seem to be able to stop drinking once they start.

This is the sign of the alcoholic allergy starting to grow and take more and more of an effect. But the sick alcoholic insists that nothing is wrong- maybe it’s just an issue of self-control, or bad luck? Maybe they need to hang out with different people, or go somewhere else to drink, or stop with the hard alcohol and switch to beer. Any reason or excuse comes up other than quitting drinking altogether.

After a time, the sick alcoholic starts to become their addiction. They drink daily, often in the mornings. They think about drinking all the time. A job gets lost, relationships disappear, they isolate away from the world, and friends and family members worry about the health, both mental and physical, of the sick alcoholic.

Getting Sober

At this point it is time to get sober. Alcoholism is a disease, which most people do not realize. It has been defined as such by large medical organizations such as the American Medical Association.

It is a disease with genetic factors, one that is passed down through generations. Since it is a disease, it cannot be out-willed or thought through. It has to be treated as any kind of physical affliction, and the only treatment for it is total abstinence.

The Program

Since it is also a mental disease, another kind of treatment is needed for it next to stopping altogether. And that treatment is not any kind of medication or medical procedure, but instead it is a spiritual program. The most common of these is a 12-step program, otherwise known as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Alcoholics Anonymous teaches a new way of living and thinking, one that is aimed to directly remedy the personality type and thought patterns that is and exist within an alcoholic.

It is not easy to accept that one cannot drink ever again for fear of going back to the destructive and isolating lifestyle that exists while being an active drinker. This is especially an issue with someone who is young, where drinking is so commonplace among friends. But this is not to be feared, for the most common phrase spoken among people in Alcoholics Anonymous is: One Day At A Time.

One Day At A Time

This phrase is a life saver. One doesn’t have to imagine that they will not be drinking ever again for the rest of their lives, but, just maybe don’t drink for today, one day at a time. Don’t worry about tomorrow or yesterday, but focus on the present day, the one that you don’t have to drink in, one day at a time.

With this idea in mind, staying sober can be easy, and living without alcohol is possible. If taken one day at a time, sobriety will become manageable and beneficial. It will become a new way of life, one that is far better than the one that was laden with alcohol. 

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