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No More Alcohol For Jessica Simpson, At least Until She Loses The Weight During Pregnancy!

Written by DeShawn McQueen on Friday, 10 August 2012. Posted in Celebrities, Breaking News, Alcohol

jessica simpson gives up alcohol

Take a look at any photo of Jessica Simpson during the past year and you’d swear she was obese if it were not for the fact that she was pregnant.

It has been reported that 31 year old Jessica Simpson gained five stone, or if you are American, a whopping 78 pounds during her pregnancy with the little girl we now affectionately know as Maxwell.

The singer, producer, spokes-model, actress, fashion designer, television host and very successful business mogul gave birth to her daughter in May. The father is none other than Yale-educated Eric Johnson, and NFL tight end, who by the way is Jessica’s fiancé.

Jessica Simpson, sister of the equally famous actress and rock-star, Ashley Simpson, allegedly negotiated a 4 million contract with Weight Watchers to act as its new spokesperson.

As a result, Jessica is aware that the media scrutiny concerning her weight is high.

In fact, in an effort to lose the weight, Jessica has reportedly, albeit temporarily, given up alcoholic beverages, in their entirety, in an effort to shrink down to her pre-pregnancy size.

Who knew that alcohol could cause one to gain so much weight, or for that matter lose that much weight by abstaining from it!

Well, in addition to exercise and adhering to a calorie-conscious eating routine, Jessie has agreed to renounce her beloved scotch.

Jessica revealed, during an interview with Elle Magazine, that she is quite fond of scotch. Let’s not mince words here, she allegedly loves scotch!!

In fact, Jessica did not want chocolates or flowers to celebrate the birth of Maxwell. According to the New York Post, the mega-star requested that family and friends buy her scotch, and not just any old scotch. Jessica likes the very nice alcohol, Macallan 30, a 30 year aged single-malt scotch, to be exact. Apparently the alcohol is pricey, as its cost can reach as high as $900.

Similar to now, Jessica did not drink, at all, during her pregnancy. She told Elle magazine that it was hard to give up scotch.

If you or anyone that you know desires to give up alcohol, call us, we can help you.

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