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Nick Carter is Free from Drugs but Still Struggles with Alcoholism

on Sunday, 01 December 2013. Posted in Celebrities, Breaking News, Alcohol

Nick Carter Battles Addiction

Backstreet Boys singer, Nick Carter, has recently written a new autobiography called “Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It.” In his memoir, Carter opens up about his problems with drug and alcohol addiction which began to spiral out of control during the height of his fame as a singer. While he is completely clean now from many of his drug addictions of the past including cocaine, ecstasy and prescription pain killers, Carter admits that he continues to fight against his relationship to alcohol and occasionally drinks in spite of efforts to quit. Alcoholism is an ongoing battle for him but his goal is to break the cycle and heal from his substance addictions through a complete recovery.

Nick Carter came from a troubled childhood home where he says his parents drank heavily because of money problems. This dysfunctional background combined with the experience of joining the Backstreet Boys at only age 13 led Carter to begin drinking heavily in his teens. He then moved on to using other drugs like marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy around age 18 or 19. His drug use began to escalate as his notoriety began to grow. While the other Backstreet Boys members tried to help Nick and hoped that he would quit, he blames his crowd of friends outside the band as encouraging his alcohol use. He and his friends would binge and drink themselves into a state of lethargy, then do cocaine to regain their energy and continue partying for the rest of the night.

Carter’s problems with drug and alcohol abuse became even worse when he began dating Paris Hilton in 2003. He says that Hilton, who was arrested for cocaine possession in 2010, fed his worse impulses and the two would party so much that his relationship with her could have ended in tragedy. At one point, he claims that he would regularly do cocaine and ecstasy while drinking an entire bottle of vodka at night. His abuse of the drug ecstasy caused damage to his brain and has led to serious issues with depression which he still continues to struggle with now. Not only did Nick have to deal with an addiction passed down by his parents, but his siblings also suffered from many of the same problems. Carter’s brother Aaron, who also had a career in music, has recently had issues with addiction for which he attended a rehab treatment center in 2011. Their sister Leslie tragically passed away at age 25 from a prescription drug overdose. Carter was unable to attend her funeral because of all the other things he was dealing with in his life at the time.

It wasn’t until Carter was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a weakening of the heart, as a result of his heavy drinking that he realized he had to change his ways. His health was beginning to suffer and he realized that he didn’t even recognize himself. He wanted to become a better person and decided to work toward being sober. After ten years of alcohol and drug addiction, he began the process of recovery. He now still attends therapy and tries to understand his need to always turn to alcohol. He is able to make it for a few months without drinking but will occasionally relapse. His work toward becoming sober has led him to quit his cocaine, ecstasy and prescription drug abuse. While he still drinks from time to time, he asserts that he is winning the battle against addiction and will continue to work on understanding his issues with alcohol.

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