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New Video Game Software Hopes to Help Doctors Detect Substance Abuse

on Sunday, 27 May 2012. Posted in Breaking News, From Professionals

Addiction Video Game

Doctors at the Northwestern Memorial hospital are using a video game to help them identify signs of addiction in their patients. According to, the video game uses the same technology used by the FBI during interrogation. The game uses an actor's voice to simulate a hypothetical conversation with the patient. The results may help doctor's to identify indicators of addiction, or drug abuse. The video game is already in the final testing stages.

The doctor who designed the game, Dr. Michael M. Fleming, uses simulated dialogs from over 1,000 interviews with drug patients. He said, "This isn't something medical students have traditionally been trained for. These are hard conversations to have."

The game's software was designed by Dr. Dale Olsen, a former professor of engineering at John Hopkins University. He claims the game encourages doctors to adopt a more collaborative and less accusatory approach, which builds a better rapport with these patients. This web-based interactive video game will soon be available online to medical students and healthcare providers, for a fee.

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Image courtesy of Nathan Weber and The New York Times.

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