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New drug educational resource for middle schoolers

on Thursday, 28 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Prescription Drugs

prescription drug abuse resources

Today, the National Education Association Health Information Network, along with Purdue Pharma L.P., announced a new educational program aimed at helping youth avoid falling into prescription drug abuse .

‘Rx for Understanding’ will consist of ten cross-curricular lessons for middle school students.

The plan is to make sure students learn, at an early age, tools the help them make good decisions when it comes to drug use. We all know how prescription drug addiction can sneak up on someone. Often times, someone involved in an injury or having health problems will be legitimately prescribed narcotics for pain. However, over time the person can easily become dependent on those drugs and find themselves addicted before they ever realize they have a problem.

This program looks to give middle school student tools to understand the potential dangers associated with prescription drug use.

Jerry Newberry, NEA HIN Executive Director, said, “We know that 20% of high school students have reported that they have taken a prescription drug without a prescription.” This can obviously pose a threat to the students chances of success in school and in life altogether.

The program will make resources available for educators for free. The lessons will be available both online and in print form beginning June 30, the launch of the program.

Pamela Bennett, Executive Director of Healthcare Alliance Development at Purdue, is excited to be a part of the outreach. “Purdue and NEA HIN look forward to providing teachers with educational resources to guide them in addressing the critical health issue of the abuse and misuse of prescription medication,” said Bennett. This plan is just the beginning of a relationship between educators, healthcare professionals, and law enforcement joining together to reduce the problem of prescription drug abuse in our communities.

If you, or someone you know is stuggling with prescription drug abuse, please contact us.

The resources are available on NEA HIN’s website :

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