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Mother of Four Speaks About Her Adderall Addiction

on Friday, 29 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Prescription Drugs

adderall addiction

One mother is speaking out about her struggles with the drug in hopes that others won’t make the same mistake. Typically Adderall is given to people with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) but many of the people using the drug do not actually have the disorder. If fact, Adderall use among women is accelerating at an alarming rate. Recent reports show that Adderall prescriptions for women between ages 26 and 39 have seen a 750% increase from 2002 to 2010. It is clear that all the prescriptions aren't being written due to ADHD.

Betsy Degree, a mother of four from Minneapolis, is one of the women who found herself caught up in a battle with this highly addictive drug. She originally starting taking Adderall to help keep up with all the demands that come with being a mother of four, but found herself addicted in a very short time.

Degree spoke with ABC News about her story. She reflected on her own childhood experience, seeing how her mother kept such a neat house. “Everything was really clean, beautiful dinners every night and that didn’t come naturally for me,” she said.

A few years back, one of Degree’s children was given a diagnosis of ADHD and prescribed Adderall. One day, in a desperate moment, Degree took one of the pills from her child’s prescription to help her through a rough day.

According to Degree, the addiction was almost instantaneous. “I was able to get all the stuff done around the house,” she said. “I was able to cook the dinner and have everything perfect.”

Originally Degree only planned on the Adderall being a one-time thing. “I could not stop taking them. I’d say I’m just going to take them one more time,” she said. Unfortunately, the drug had only set its hook.

She now found herself needing the drug to get things done. Degree began coming up with stories to tell the doctor in order to get more Adderall. She would tell the doctor the prescription was lost, or that the dose wasn’t high enough, “I was trying every trick in the book.”

Degree’s story took a dangerous turn when she was unable to continue tricking the doctor. Unable to get enough Adderall, she began using meth. Within no time, Degree lost her business and came close to losing her kids.

Now clean, Degree shares her story in hopes that other women who may find themselves struggling to keep up with the demands of being a mother, will not turn to Adderall for help. What began with one pill from her child’s supply, led her down a long and painful road of addiction.

If you know someone struggling with Adderall abuse, please contact us.

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