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Meth Lab Found Near School

on Monday, 02 July 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Crystal Meth

meth lab near school

A disturbing discovery in Sioux Falls, a meth lab just blocks away from a local school.

A local man and woman are now facing multiple felony drug charges as a result of a raid of a Sioux Falls residence.

Police arrive at the home Wednesday night to carry out a search warrant. Inside, they discovered an operational methamphetamine lab, as well as the toxic chemical anhydrous ammonia. The home belonged to 36yr old Jon Leonard. Samantha Heubrock, 26, was also present when police arrived.

Meth labs are known to be volatile, often resulting in deadly explosions, capable of damaging surrounding areas, and killing those inside the lab itself.

The most disturbing thing about this lab was its location. The home is located in a drug-free zone, just few blocks south of Axtell Park Middle School. The location poses obvious threats, especially for students who may pass by the home to and from school.

Both Heubrock and Leonard are facing charges including possession of a controlled substance, manufacturing a controlled substance, and violation of a drug-free zone.

Since the home belonged to Leonard, he is also facing charges of maintaining a place where drugs are used or sold. Both pleaded ‘not guilty’ Thursday in court. However, Minnehaha County Deputy State’s Attorney, Edward Angel, said “Mr. Leonard admitted it was a working meth lab.” Both are being held on cash bonds over $20,000.

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