Man Stabbed for Refusing to Buy Alcohol for a Minor

on Friday, 27 April 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Alcohol

Alcohol Abuse

A man was stabbed Wednesday morning, and the incident may have occurred because the man refused to by alcohol for a minor. According to, an 18-year-old approached the victim twice and asked him to buy alcohol for him. The second time they met, the 18-year-old stabbed the man in the stomach and rode off on a bicycle. The stabbing was witnessed by at least three other people.

One of the witnesses followed the stabber to the area where he threw a folding knife with dried blood onto the ground when officers approached. The 18-year-old claims he stabbed the man in self-defense, accusing the victim of pulling a knife first. None of the witnesses saw the victim pull a knife.

The victim suffered a stab wound to his liver, and he was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery. The stabber is being held without bail.

If you know a young person struggling with alcohol abuse, please contact us.

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