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Man Gives His 7-Year-Old Daughter Cocaine to Hide

on Monday, 07 May 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Cocaine

Cocaine Addiction

A 35-year-old Florida man was arrested, accused of handing a vial of crack cocaine to his seven-year-old daughter to hide during a traffic stop. According to Orlando Sentinel, the father is facing charges of child endangerment, possession of cocaine with intent to sell, as well as driving without a license.

The father ran a stop sign, while fleeing a Broward County cop car with the lights and siren on. The deputy pulled in front of the man's car, not permitting him access to the interstate. When the deputy asked for the driver's license, the man admitted he did not have one.

His girlfriend was in the front seat, while his daughter sat in the back. The little girl handed the deputy a small glass vial filled with a substance that later tested positive for cocaine.

She claimed that her father asked her to hide it before they were stopped. At first the child refused, but then took it. The man's girlfriend confirmed that the little girl was her boyfriend's daughter and that her boyfriend sold cocaine.

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