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Making The Most Difficult Decision Of Your Life: Reaching Out For Help With Addiction

on Wednesday, 24 September 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Once you finally understand that you need to change, one of the hardest things to do is admit to others that you have a problem and you need help. You could have many feelings of guilt and shame or even too much pride to admit you are unable to quit on your own. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help but it is the best choice to make in the long run if you truly want to quit your addiction.

Finding the Strength to Admit to Addiction
As an addict you may have gone through many stages of your illness until eventually hitting rock bottom. It is often at the very bottom that people with alcohol or drug addictions finally realize that their problem is bigger than themselves and they need help. It can take some extreme circumstances to make you understand how bad your addiction is – losing your job, your home or important relationships. At rock bottom you might admit to yourself that you have a problem but still feel hesitant about reaching out for help. For some people, they might feel shameful about their lack of self-control and the times that they have lied and hidden their behavior from people close to them. If you feel a sense of shame in reaching out for help, it is important to realize that it takes strength and responsibility to own up to your mistakes. The people in your life that are closest to you will not judge you harshly because they love you and only want the best for you. Acknowledge the fact that you are showing courage and are doing the right thing in asking for help and it can lessen any sense of guilt or shame you experience.

Pride and Fear of Losing Indepenence
Another major roadblock for people asking for help with their addiction is to overcome their feelings of pride and a need to be independent. Men in particular can have problems with this but everyone wants to feel proud of their accomplishments and admitting that you have failed in some aspect of your life is always difficult to do. Telling other people that you have lost control and destroyed your life can ruin your self-image but in this time of crisis there is no room to be vain. You must set aside your pride and do what is best for your health and well-being. People with addictions might also want to feel that they can do everything themselves independently. You might not want to rely on others for help but it is impossible to quit a serious addiction on your own. It is important to get the support, guidance and counseling necessary to make a healthy and lasting recovery.

It might be a difficult decision to get help for an addiction but don't let your emotions get in the way of you making the right choice. There are plenty of fears that can hold you back from getting the help you need but it is important to move past your feelings and take the first steps toward recovery. Talking to a close friend or family member can help you build up the courage to finally enter rehab. They can be there as your support system and give you advice as you begin the early stages of recovery. Reaching out for help can actually be a rewarding and healing part of ending an addiction.


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