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Macklemore: "If I can be an example of being sober, I can be an example of starting over!"

Written by DeShawn McQueen on Monday, 14 January 2013. Posted in Music in Recovery, Voices in Recovery, Breaking News

Macklemore Overcoming Addiction

Just four words: He is a SENSATION!

If you have not heard his new album The Heist, then get it, listen and be inspired.

Macklemore, one-half of the Seattle-based duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, in their first full-length album/collaboration, talk about among others the struggles we all know so well, addiction, alcoholism, rock bottoms, relapse, getting back on track and overcoming!!

Whether you are clean and sober, a teetotaler, newly sober, or an active addict/alcoholic……there is something for everyone on The Heist.

Although, you can not tell now because he has a hit album, just about five years ago Macklemore was so mired in his addictions to Oxycontin, cough syrup, and marijuana as well as his alcoholism and obsessive behaviors, not mention others, at the age of 25 he moved back home to his parents basement down and out. In his own words, hopeless and desperate, "I thought I was finished."

He hit rock bottom more than once before that, as he discusses on his triumphant album, The Heist, and to not sugarcoat anything, he has relapsed since then.

Apparently The Heist was a hit among alcoholics and non-alcoholics alike, as it debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200 charts, even though Macklemore and Ryan Lewis did not have a record deal and produced the album in entirety all by themselves.

I first learned of Macklemore, by chance, as I am a member of the Starbuck's Rewards program. As a member I receive a weekly music download. It just so happened that Macklemore's "Same Love" was the download of the week.

To be honest, I had the iTunes download for at least a month before I became intrigued and listened…….I loved it, so much so that I went to the iTunes store and purchased the entire album.

I love all of what I heard, song after song.

Even more, I recognized themes of addiction, adversity, tenacity…….I wanted to learn more about this Seattle-based hip-hop artist and musical sensation.

Consequently, I did research and learned that Macklemore did more than experiment with drugs and alcohol, he is as much an addict and alcoholic as we all are and he has in fact said so.

In fact, his struggles through addiction and his triumphant comeback, even as an independent artist, is nothing less than glorious. REDEMPTION!!

His words, metaphorically speaking, sent spears of inspiration and joy through me and I am certain it will do the same for you.

Macklemore is a true testament of what one addict can burn to the ground, live to talk about it, and reemerge from it better than ever. He is living art!

If you or someone that you love is struggling with alcoholism, please call or text us. We can help you.

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