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Long-term sobriety offers Mental, Physical and Emotional Stability

on Tuesday, 27 January 2015. Posted in Breaking News

As you continue down the path to recovery, you will discover all kinds of benefits that long-term sobriety can bring to your life. Because all the different parts of yourself are connected, what you do to benefit your physical self can also have positive impacts on your mental and emotional well-being. That is why your work towards recovery should and will work on these various aspects of wellness and wholeness, brining stability to these areas formally in turmoil. Here are some of the specific ways long-term sobriety can benefit these different areas of your self.

Sobriety and mental wellness

Substance abuse and addiction clouds your judgment and ability to perceive the world accurately. As you progress in recovery and live many "one days" in sobriety, you gradually learn how to look at the world more accurately and truthfully. Slowly, through treatment, you are able to pinpoint the root causes behind your addictive behavior, and work out traumas and lies that hold you back from being the person you were meant to be.

Sobriety and physical wellness

As your body slowly recovers from the damage caused by substance abuse, malnutrition, throat, liver, and lung damage, loss of muscle tone, and any number of serious health problems will become a thing of the past. Sometimes it takes time for your body to fully readjust from the ill effects of drug or alcohol use, but it is very adapt at healing. If you are able to stop hurting your physical self, replacing the habits of substance abuse with healthy habits, your body will begin the seemingly miraculous work of healing itself.

As you are moving in the world with a greater sense of awareness, you will also find yourself moving in the world safer. The accidents and dangers of going through life in a haze of substance abuse disappear. As you learn to drive, walk, and do your job with full mindfulness and awareness of the present moment, you will invariably prolong your life.

Sobriety and emotional wellness

Substance abuse can be a way to absorb and repress your emotions, leaving tensions unresolved as you ignore them under a haze of use and addiction. You develop a coping mechanism that does not in fact fix anything, but merely allows you to abandon your emotional self.

Sobriety, and the in-depth healing work of recovery, teaches you how to develop more aware and more effective means of coping with your emotions. You learn how to listen to your true self, how to resolve feelings, and learn what can truly make you feel better.

Listening to your emotions and acknowledging the truth of the present moment is a first, vital step in enjoying a healed, happy life. Sobriety is a necessary component to being able to face what those feelings are.

The struggle of addiction can bring on feelings of shame and a loss of self-respect. As you practice living life soberly, tasks you otherwise would have set aside or being unable to comprehend all the sudden become achievable. This will radically raise your feelings of self-confidence and reduce anxiety, fear, and restlessness, replacing it with a confidence sense of being in control of life.

Encouragement for recovery, and the path to wellness

Through it may sometimes seem like very hard work, the lifestyle changes you are making in recovery will pay off in the long-term. Over time, sobriety gets easier and life gets better. Slowly, you will be able to not make abstinence from drugs or alcohol the central focus on your life. It is at that point you will be able to start focusing on truly living. That freedom is the goal of recovery.

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