Lil Wayne On Being Clean And Sober, "It's A Great Feeling"

Written by DeShawn McQueen on Monday, 18 February 2013. Posted in Celebrities, Voices in Recovery, Breaking News

Lil Wayne Sobriety

I love that song, How To Love, what a tearjerker!! Lil Wayne, otherwise known as Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, is by far one of the most notable individuals in music, period!

He is a multiple-time Billboard number one chart topper with, again, multiple multi-platinum albums under his belt. A profound and prolific song-writer, executive produce and even an record-head of his own label, he is now responsible for introducing some of the most talented new music personalities, including none other than American Idols new judge, Nicky Minaj.

Wayne made a name for himself in the rap industry, notoriously known to be replete with drugs and alcohol. Yet unlike the typical artist Wayne made the successful leap to becoming a super successful cross-over artist who appeals to the masses.

He has toured all over the world, sold out the largest arenas, won tons of awards, including several Grammys, and even managed to act in a few films when he was not fathering children or excessively and smoking chronic, marijuana that is!!

If you have not guessed it, Wayne is an alcoholic and addict. He has even spent time in jail for drug use and possession, allegedly including, marijuana, ecstacy and cocaine.

These days, Wayne is out of jail and focusing on music, sober too! Although, remaining clean and sober was initially one of the terms of his remaining a free man he has since revealed that sobriety is what he prefers.

Wayne is not the only one happy that he is sober, look what protege and tour mate, Nicky Minaj, said: "he is joy to be around" now that he's clean. "He's nicer. He's more calm. I guess when you're not getting high you have to deal with reality and I think he likes his reality now……The couple (of) times I've seen him, it's just a joy to be around him. He's easier to get along with and easier to talk to, I feel, now."

Newly sober individuals take it from Wayne, sobriety is a great feeling. That's whats up!

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