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‘Libertines’ Front man Pete Doherty Gets Sober Writes about Experience

on Friday, 05 December 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Most hear the name Pete Doherty and associate it with drugs, rock n roll, and scandal. The Libertines frontman made headlines in the past more often for his offstage antics than for his musical career.

Doherty had a promising start with the Libertines in 2002 with their debut album Up The Bracket, and continued to enjoy musical fame and success with their sophomore album released in 2004. Unfortunately, Doherty's problems with drug and alcohol addiction eventually got in the way of success and played a factor in the eventual breakup of the band.

During the course of Doherty's long and bumpy career, he completed numerous, mostly mandatory stints in rehab only to immediately return to his former, hard partying ways. Doherty also had a few brushes with the law as a result of drug and alcohol fueled behavior.

He made headlines for breaking in a former band mate's home and nearly created a career wrecking scandal when model Kate Moss was photographed using drugs at his recording studio.

Doherty has written about his latest experience in rehab for a British paper, saying it's the first time he made the decision to seek treatment on his own. The 35 year old's statement is touching in its honesty about the struggles of addiction.

Doherty describes his 10 year addiction, how he was first drawn to using drugs and the places it led him. After experimenting with marijuana, LSD, and speed Doherty found himself using heroin, the drug he had always been most curious about.

He describes how experimenting with heroin quickly developed into a full blown addiction. Doherty says he never thought of himself as an addict at the time, but in retrospect he can see how it wreaked havoc on both his career and personal life.

Doherty is currently in Thailand's Hope Rehab Centre. He had a previous stint at the same center in 2012, but he says this time is different. This time, Doherty says he realized that were no other options left and had a desire in him to get clean.

He knew that rehab was the only way to do it. Doherty writes that he has spent time there looking back on his life and seeing how drugs have hurt relationships, family, career, and held him back in many ways. He used to think that drinking and drugs were a necessary part of being a performer and musician.

Now Doherty admits that being high only helped him block out true experiences and emotions, especially when it came to family. The singer has two young children from a brief relationship. He remained estranged from the children and their mother while abusing drugs and alcohol because they didn't fit into his lifestyle. Now, Doherty says he wants to work on healing not only himself, but to also his relationship with the children as a father.

The Libertines frontman also looks forward to continuing his music career once he leaves rehab. A few recent performances with former Libertines members met with positive response and there have been rumors of a possible third album release in the near future.

Doherty says he looks forward to the renewed sense of creativity his newfound sobriety brings him and plans on putting it to good use. He hopes that in addition to bringing a new healthier outlook to his life and career, sobriety will inspire him to work with others struggling to survive addiction. Doherty hopes his story will inspire others to seek the help they need to escape addiction.


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