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Liam Neeson Speaks about His Sobriety While Working on New Movie

on Wednesday, 22 October 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Newly sober actor Liam Neeson has opened up recently about his decision to quit drinking and the positive effect it has already had on his life. The action star is currently working on his new movie, "Taken 2" the sequel to the popular film that breathed new life into his career.

Although he has struggled with drug addiction in the past and more recently with heavy drinking, Neeson has finally reached a point of steering clear of all substance abuse. The actor believes that some of his difficult life circumstances led him to develop problems with drugs and alcohol but now he loves the changes he has made and enjoys his sober lifestyle.
He plans to do everything in his power to keep himself and his children away from drug abuse.


In his recent interview for GQ, Liam Neeson spoke candidly about events in his past that contributed to a serious problem with addiction. He had little interest in drugs 15 years ago until he got into a motorcycle accident in 2000 that nearly took his life.

Neeson was not expected to survive in the state he was in following the accident but he managed to pull through. Unfortunately his experience taking morphine in the hospital led him to develop a dependence on painkillers.

The instantaneous high that he experienced when being administered morphine got him hooked immediately on opiate painkillers. Neeson eventually got over his addiction to painkillers but it left him especially concerned for his sons who are beginning to experiment in their teenage years.

He knows how suddenly they could become hooked and how it will change their life forever if they get involved with drugs. His experiences with drugs left him feeling protective and worried about the virus of substance abuse.


Although Neeson left behind his problems with drugs, in more recent years he also struggled with issues of alcoholism that became out of control. After his wife, Natasha Richardson, tragically passed away in March of 2009 Neeson was left to raise his sons alone and he began turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Natasha lost her life after suffering from a severe head injury while skiing at the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort in Quebec. It was a sudden and painful blow to Neeson who was married to her for nearly 15 years at the time of her death. After losing his wife, Neeson began to drink too much.

Although he was still functional as an actor and never drank at work he had a habit of finishing nearly three bottles of wine in a single night. Although he never drank liquor or beer, his wine habit became so excessive he realized he needed to make a change.

As an action star he knew that he couldn't continue binging on alcohol and remain in the right physical state to train and shoot films like "Taken". He decided to quit drinking a year ago and remains sober while making his new film.

Liam Neeson is both a respected, Oscar-nominated leading man and a popular action hero who can hold his own in any genre of film. Some painful and tragic events in his life led him to struggle with drug and alcohol abuse but he was able to overcome his addictions and move on to a healthier and more positive lifestyle.

Neeson loves his newfound sobriety and hopes to remain free of drugs or alcohol for the rest of his life. His sobriety has allowed him to continue on in his thriving career well into his sixties.

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