Lauren Alaina Talks About Growing Up in An Alcoholic Household In Her New Single “Same Day, Different Bottle”

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Lauren Alaina

American Idol runner-up, Lauren Alaina performed a new song with personal meaning to her at the CMT ‘Next Women of Country” showcase. The ballad called “Same Day, Different Bottle” addresses issues of alcoholism and she says it was inspired by her father who just recently completed rehab. The song tells the story of a person watching a loved one abuse alcohol, seeing the way that it changes them and hoping that they will one day quit. The words are true to Alaina’s own life as only a few years ago she was still dealing with the pain of seeing her father fight a losing battle against addiction.

The singer’s career took off following her time on American Idol as she released her first album “Wildflower” which reached the top 5. She also began touring with country superstars, Sugarland and Jason Aldean. Even though she had reached the height of fame she was still struggling with family issues surrounding her father’s drinking problem. Alaina loves her father but admits that it was very difficult growing up in an alcoholic household. In the song she touches on the experience of seeing her father’s destructive behavior- “Oh Jim Beam makes you mean, a couple of shots and you’ll be looking for a fight.” Her father’s drinking took its toll on her family who were suffering the consequences until he finally entered rehab.

Opening Up About the Past
Writing a song like “Same Day, Different Bottle” was a new and different experience for Alaina who never spoke to anyone about her father’s drinking in the past. She says that even some of her best friends didn’t know about the problem and it was only when her father started to get help that she decided to open up about it through her lyrics. The process of writing the song was therapeutic and allowed her the opportunity to open up communication about it with her father who was touched by the words. The song gave her father a chance to hear what her side of the experience was like and how his alcoholism affected her. Writing the song was an important step for her whether or not it is release as a single but she hopes to record the song for her upcoming second album.

Recovery and a Positive Future
In spite of the turmoil of the past, her father has tried to turn his life around and just recently completed a stay in rehab. Alaina is proud of his recovery and her sincere hope is that he stays sober and continues fighting his addiction every day. She sees her father as a great person but knows that he had a serious flaw that affected her and her family as she grew up. The lyrics of the song are heartfelt and painful but are a part of the catharsis that is beginning for Alaina after finally seeing the end of a loved one’s long struggle with alcoholism.

It is likely that Lauren Alaina’s ability to open up about such a personal topic will inspire her fans and others who have experienced the same struggles in an alcoholic family. Writing and performing this song was not easy for her as it was something she never revealed to anyone in the past. Her lyrics could hit home for many people who grew up with a loved one dealing with a drinking problem and inspire them to open up about the topic as well. Her music can be therapeutic for her own family and for fans that can identify with the personal subject matter she shares with the audience.

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