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Lamar Odom's Crack Dealer Allegedly Stopped Selling Drugs To Him

on Sunday, 24 November 2013. Posted in Celebrities, Breaking News, Cocaine

Lamar Odom's Dealer Cut Him Off

Lamar Odom, NBA star and husband of the famous Kardashian sister Khloe, has been the subject of much negative media attention since this summer, as his addiction to crack cocaine led him to spin out of control. Odom faced as many as three drug interventions from his wife and family as well as teammates from both the Clippers and his former team, the Los Angeles Lakers. Those around Odom expressed feelings of anger, sadness, and concern, as they watched the talented athlete suffer the major and dangerous depths of addiction. It seems that even his crack cocaine dealer cut off Odom, whose addiction continued to reach new depths.

Lamar’s Pleas for More Drugs
Odom, who apparently had been using the same supplier to obtain crack cocaine over a period of several months, allegedly frequently had the drug delivered to him. Sources say that in recent times, Odom’s demand for the drug became so high that he began to call his dealer incessantly. The dealer, who has remained nameless, apparently cut Odom off, refusing to answer his demands for more drugs. It is, of course, unclear whether the dealer cut off Odom out of genuine concern for his health or whether he was simply concerned that Odom’s problem was so severe that he may be facing consequences as serious as death, and thus posed a legal liability to the drug supplier.

A New Life for Lamar?
Odom has most recently publically stated that he is no longer abusing drugs. He says he has started to maintain his sobriety and believes, at this point, that he will be able to recover from addiction without entering a rehab program. He says he plans to use what he refers to as “self healing” to end his battle with substance abuse. Odom has been in a rehab program before. Most recently, in 2012, he checked into a program for help with his crack cocaine abuse, but began using shortly after leaving the program. Odom, has, however, expressed a strong desire to get his life back on track and does seem legitimately concerned with regaining the career and personal life that he enjoyed before falling prey to the addictive drug. Though Odom has stated that he does not feel he needs rehab at the moment, he has also said that he has not ruled out professional help, which may mean that he will be open to a treatment program of some kind in the very near future.

The Benefits of a Drug Program
Should Odom enter a treatment program, he is much more likely to have success, both in his immediate detoxification from crack cocaine and in his long term attempts to lead a healthy, happy, and productive life. In a rehab facility, he would be temporarily removed from many of the triggers which may be leading him to use: access to dealers, friends who use, and the stress and pressure of dealing with life in the public eye. Transitioning to a clean and sober life is a challenge for any addict, but for a person whose personal and professional life are constantly the subject of media attention, the stress and pressure of life and addiction can be very difficult to deal with without support and a temporary break from cameras and reporters.

In addition to offering reprieve from life in the spotlight, rehab could offer Odom some important tools that will help him deal with the stresses of being a professional athlete and public figure. Often, people who are addicted to drugs are so used to using drugs to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression that they lack the ability to manage these feelings without substances. In rehab, Lamar could gain tools that he may use for years and years to come.

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