Krokodil - The Flesh Eating Drug

on Monday, 14 October 2013. Posted in Breaking News

Flesh Eating Drug

Unlike the American crocodile that is not very aggressive, and attacks to humans are rare,this newer drug 'KROKODIL' is much scarier.

It is a home made drug that causes severe damage to the flesh of those who use it. It is a potentially lethal mixture of codeine and hydrocarbons such as oil, paint thinner, gasoline, or alcohol.

Previously recorded in Russia, it has recently made its way to America. Users will filter and boil the drug before injecting it, believing the process removes the impurities but they are wrong, dead wrong. The average life expectancy of a KROKODIL user is about three years.

Once it is injected it causes damage to blood vessels and tissue,causing the flesh to rot from the inside out.

The main attraction to this horrific drug is the cost. It is generally 20 times cheaper than heroin but gives a similar high. The DEA has been monitoring KROKODIL ,also known as desomorphine since 2011.

Photo Courtesy of: guardianlv

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