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Kratom Is Thiland's Cure For Meth Addiction

on Thursday, 28 November 2013. Posted in Breaking News, Crystal Meth

Kratom Is Thiland's Cure For Meth Addiction

Meth is considered a particularly destructive and dangerous drug to become dependent on. Methamphetamine, meth for short, is a widely used stimulant. It’s considered a psychoactive drug and is distributed in powder and crystal format.

Because of how it affects the pleasure center of the brain it is an extremely addictive drug. As a result, in Thailand, a plant called Kratom that people regularly chew on is being touted as a safe alternative to meth. Chewing on Kratom is described as feeling like having a jolt of caffeine and the sensation lasts for around twenty minutes.

The Dangers Of Meth Addiction

Meth is a seductive drug, because of the way it makes the user feel, often described as a rush of pleasurable feelings. Meth users feel like their sexual capabilities are enhanced, and a heightened sense of happiness and wellbeing.

These feelings, however, are all temporary and the addict becomes addicted to the feelings that meth provides him. To attain the same intensity of pleasure, the meth addict has to use an increasingly large amount of drugs, leading to habitual chronic abuse.

And, even worse, is the damage that meth addicts accumulate over frequent usage. These dangers include: • Memory loss • Loss of ability to experience pleasure • Chronic tooth decay • Hyperactivity • Impairment of motor skills

Before and after photos of meth users are often used on websites to show how the drug destroys a person’s physical appearance, making the user look years older than his chronological age. There is also a condition called “meth mouth” where the addict loses his teeth well before the age when tooth loss occurs. The destructive effects meth has on a person’s psychological condition causes bruxism (teeth grinding) and a loss of everyday functioning that results in the gruesome teeth loss.

How Kratom Can Help Meth Addicts

Kratom is a leafy plant found in southeast Asia, particularly in Bangkok, Thailand, where there is lush vegetation and forests everywhere. The leaves are chewed to give a short rush of energy, and the practice has become common.

The plant is banned in Thailand, but is legal in most parts of the United States, except for Indiana. However, the Justice Minister of Thailand Chaikasem Nitsiri is pushing for Kratom to be made legal. The reason? He believes that Kratom can be used to help meth addicts break their addiction.

Kratom Is A Controversial Topic

While Kratom is legal in the United States, it has become a drug cloaked in dangerous exoticism, and along with bath salts has been ruled extremely dangerous by U.S. government officials. The Louisiana state senator said Kratom could be particularly harmful for children.

However, part of the reason that Kratom is being pushed as a substitute for meth is that no one has ever died from using it. There has also been no case of dangerous psychosis or murder. So compared to meth, Kratom seems like a relatively safe alternative. If Kratom does become legal, it could be regulated by prescription, and would only be administered in small doses. Advocates of Kratom believe that it can be a safe way to wean meth addicts off of the more dangerous drug.

Kratom is a popular drug, but Thai people also seem torn about how harmful it is. Thai people have struggled with drug epidemics before, and don’t want to be part of creating another one by making Kratom legal. However, those who want Kratom to be legal point out that it would be safer for kids to start using Kratom, rather than meth. But using Kratom to wean people off of meth seems like an imperfect solution. Even the people who advocate using Kratom concede that it should only be administered in small doses.

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