Kentucky Medicaid Provider Reverses Suboxone Decision

on Tuesday, 15 May 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Heroin, Prescription Drugs

Opiate Addiction

A Kentucky Medicaid provider reversed its decision to discontinue paying for expensive medication that helps drug addicts. According to, Attorney Anna Whites claims she was notified Monday by lawyers for Medicaid provider Coventry Cares that it will continue to pay for Suboxone.

Whites represents SelfRefind, which operates opiate addiction treatment centers in Kentucky. Coventry Cares spokesman said the company will continue to cover Suboxone and similar medicines. They have also asked to meet with the state leaders, SelfRefind, and others to discuss the best practices for addiction recovery treatment.

Suboxone is often given to opiate dependent patients. Last week, Coventry Cares notified patients who receive Suboxone they would not pay for treatment after the current prescription expired. Apparently, someone intervened, as they have changed their mind.

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