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Kendra Wilkinson Battled Drug Addiction Before Achieving Fame

on Friday, 05 December 2014. Posted in Breaking News

The reality tv star and former Hugh Hefner girlfriend is known for being quite candid about the details of her life. In her 2011 memoir Sliding Home, Wilkinson opened up about life at the Playboy mansion, as well as her struggles with drugs and sex as a teenager in Southern California.

In a recent interview, Wilkinson talked about an overdose of drugs and alcohol at age 14 that brought her close to death at a house party. She says at the time she was using crystal meth, LSD, and cocaine on a regular basis.

The teenager's life was quickly spiraling out of control as her addiction began testing her limits. At the party that night, the 14 year old Wilkinson choked violently on her own blood while her friends and other partygoers refused to call an ambulance because of the fear they might be blamed for the overdose.

Luckily Wilkinson survived the incident, but not without realizing that something needed to be done about her out of control drug habits.

Wilkinson grew up in a San Diego suburb to a wealthy businessman dad and an ex cheerleader mom. When her parents divorced at age 8, Wilkinson was sent to live with her grandmother. She began abusing drugs early in her teen years, sometimes using her good looks to get them free from dealers she knew, and other times asking family members for lunch or movie money to buy marijuana or cocaine with.

The teen also took cash from her grandmother when she was especially desperate for a score. During her darkest time as a teen, Wilkinson dropped out of school to spend her days doing cocaine and having sex with a dealer boyfriend.

During this time Wilkinson also fell into a deep depression. Concerned friends and family members noticed that the young girl had began self harm in addition to getting stoned to numb out her emotional pain. Wilkinson would cut her own arms until they bled.

The teen was suicidal and eventually attempted to take her own life with an overdose of prescription pills. Family members found the young girl and tried to get her psychological help, but Wilkinson's self destructive path continued to unwind.

She continued secretly cutting until a concerned school nurse noticed the injuries and recommended a stay in a psychiatric hospital. During her long stay in the psychiatric ward of Mesa Vista Hospital, Wilkinson once again attempted suicide and got into physical altercations with other patients.

The teenager eventually returned home and was able to finish high school. Wilkinson worked as a model after graduating and was eventually spotted by Hugh Hefner after working at one of the Playboy Mansion parties.

Wilkinson's career took off after Hefner invited her to live at the mansion as one of his girlfriends. Her first introduction to reality tv was with the E! network's Girls Next Door, which chronicled the lives of Hefner's girlfriends at the mansion.

Wilkinson admitted that being Hefner's girlfriend felt more like a job than anything and she often had to be drunk or stoned to get through the experience. Wilkinson moved out of the mansion in 2009 to marry NFL star Hank Baskett and also got her own reality show on E! called Kendra.

The show focused on her life as a wife, mother, and celebrity model. Another reality show called Kendra On Top followed that focused on Wilkinson's newfound independence.

Today Wilkinson is an author and continues to star in reality series. Fans continue to watch and love Wilkinson for her honesty, bubbly personality, and bombshell looks.


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