Former LA Ink Star Kat Von D Celebrates Six Years Sober

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Kat Von D Sobriety

Kat Von D, 31 year old former LA Ink star celebrated six years of sobriety this weekend. The professional tattoo artist’s clientele has included Beyonce and Lady Gaga. However, her drinking habit starting to interfere with her tattooing. Although she had months where she dove into harder drugs, she says her battle with alcohol addiction was ultimately her downfall. One day she says, she woke up and didn’t want to drink anymore.

After quitting drugs she admitted that people she thought were her friends really weren’t her friends after she stopped drinking, and that she was just used as a party favor. Since getting sober Kat Von D says she has began hanging out with people who are tuned into the same frequency she is. Kat has had romantic relationships with several sober guys including Jesse James, who has been 13 years clean himself and has a daughter who went through rehab. Kat was engaged to Jesse James for a short period of time in 2011. After he was accused of cheating on his ex-wife Sandra Bullock in 2010 Kat said everyone makes mistakes and it would be harder to deal with her drug addiction years ago if she was crucified for it.

Alcohol has plagued the lives of many people throughout the world, but in the United States almost 2 million Americans are affected by alcohol related liver disease. There are over 140 million alcoholics globally, and statistics from a recent study done in Canada show 1 in 25 deaths in the world is related to alcohol in some form or fashion. It has been discovered that people who had their first alcoholic drink before the age of 15 years old were much more likely to develop a drinking problem than those who abstained from drinking until later in life.

An addiction to alcohol has affected many people, and celebrities are not immune. Along with Kat Von D are the likes of Michael J Fox, who had a drinking problem before being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Nick Nolte, who was arrested for a DUI in 2011 and checked into rehab and Ben Affleck, who was admitted to rehab in 2001 for alcohol abuse. Alcohol can be detrimental to personal lives and careers, even Kat Von D says she doesn’t know what would of happened if she didn’t get help as soon as she did.

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