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Jon Jones Doesn’t Have a Drug Problem

on Thursday, 05 February 2015. Posted in Breaking News

Ultimate Fighting champion Jon Jones recently opened up about his drug use in an interview and discussed his time in rehab and how it impacted his life. Jones has asserted in the past that he never had a drug problem but his recent cocaine use ran him into trouble with the UFC when he was caught through a drug test.

Jones has been successful in his fighting career, becoming the youngest UFC champion in history when he won the title in 2011. He was then ranked as the number one light heavyweight in the world the following year.

After many great moments in his career, Jones has reached his lowest point after being tested positive for cocaine use, affecting his image and connection with the UFC. Jones has finally broken his silence about the incident and how it has affected him and his career.

Testing Positive for Drug Use

The UFC President called Jon Jones with the news that he had tested positive for cocaine. Jones was already expecting something to happen since he had been partying and using drugs during his training camp right before he was tested by the Nevada State Athletic Commission the next day.

After the test Jones was nervous about the results but didn't tell his coaches or anyone about possibly testing positive. The results of the test went public only a few days after he bested Daniel Cormier at UFC 182, bringing shame to one of his most triumphant moments.

Jones was honest about his drug uses and made no excuses for his behavior, admitting that he had used cocaine at a party prior to the test. Jones denied being a recreational drug user although he said he discovered cocaine while in college and has experimented with drugs in the past.

Rehab to Save his Career

Jon Jones asserted that he had no problem with drugs even though he attended rehab after making a collective decision with his business partners about how to handle the difficult situation. His partners were unsure whether he had a drug problem or not but thought rehab might be a good idea and a safe move for his career.

Jones was admitted to a recovery facility and evaluated by three different doctors to determine if he had an addiction to cocaine. The doctors recommended outpatient care rather than inpatient treatment as he was healthy enough to live on his own while in recovery.

Jones had to confess to the entire incident to his family and worried that he let down his fans because of what he had done. He felt he had to explain to everyone that he is not an addict and not even a frequent cocaine user but simply made a bad decision and got caught.

Jones does not try to blame anyone or anything for what happen but admits that he made a foolish mistake and is paying for it now.

Even though it seems that Jones doesn't take recovery seriously and believes that he has no addiction to drugs, he will probably think twice about any future experimentation with cocaine or any other recreational drugs. With the effect that this incident has had on his career and his image in the public eye, he will most likely stick to his outpatient program and remain sober in order to continue succeeding in his career.

He was not required to stay in rehab but the embarrassment of the situation has made him reconsider the mistakes he has made with his cocaine use. Fortunately, Jon Jones will not lose his title as a result of the incident and can continue fighting as the UFC champion.


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