True Blood Star Joe Manganiello Releases Book That Reveals His Struggle With Alcoholism

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Joe Mangaliello Talks Alcoholism

Actor Joe Manganiello, better known as the werewolf character on the hit TV show True Blood, recently released a fitness book in which he reveals his past problems with alcohol. His book is called “Evolution: The Cutting Edge Guide to Breaking Down Mental Walls and Building the Body You’ve Always Wanted” and it often mentions his drinking as a barrier he had to overcome in order to become who he is today. His struggles with alcohol were mainly in his twenties as he admitted to not having had a drink in more than 11 years. Quitting drinking was a part of his motivation to finally get healthy and take care of his body.

Struggles in His Younger Years
Manganiello is now a 6 foot 5 muscular heartthrob but as a teen he was a skinny kid who was frequently bullied in school. His failures in life are what he says have driven him to accomplish more and reshape his body and his life. His adversity as a teen helped him to create the kind of self-confidence that he exudes now. In his early adulthood, Manganiello had aspirations of becoming an actor but did not get the break that he was looking for as he was starting out. He went through a period of about four years in his twenties where he was unable to find work in acting and as a result his drinking became out of hand and prevented him from moving forward in his professional life. As he continued to struggle with his early acting career he gradually became depressed and allowed his drinking to develop into a serious addiction.

Because of his alcoholism, he was homeless and broke, working odd jobs to get by. His depression became so severe that he even entertained suicidal thoughts. He realizes that the alcohol was not the problem but was his solution to his depression and low self-esteem. Living on the streets was the point where he hit rock bottom and understood that he either had to change his life or perish. He eventually decided to turn his life around in 2002 and found a renewed focus on health and staying sober. It was only after eliminating alcohol and many of his negative thoughts that his career finally began to take off. He landed a role in “Spiderman” the same year and then began working in television until he eventually joined the cast of True Blood, which was already his favorite show.

A Healthy Body and Mind for His Success
His book, “Evolution”, reveals the diet and workout secrets to obtaining his chiseled physique but it also focuses on overcoming the type of mental barriers that led him to develop a drinking problem. He includes types for becoming mentally strong in addition to being physical strong. He writes in the book about finding motivation that will drive you to accomplish what you want to do. For him it was being bullied in his childhood and struggling with alcohol and depression. He has been sober for more than a decade and now works out twice a day to maintain his body shape. Manganiello knows that his body is one of the biggest assets in his career and allows him play parts like his character in “Magic Mike” and the strong and intimidating werewolf, Alcide on True Blood. He takes advantage of these opportunities because they might not be around forever. He was named one of Men’s Health 100 Fittest Men of All Time and is often featured in popular fitness and bodybuilding media.

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