Jamie Lee Curtis: "Getting Sober Was The Single Bravest Thing I Ever Did"

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Jamie Lee Curtis Sobriety

She descends from Hollywood royalty. Although both died during the last ten years, for nearly 13 years until there divorce, they were Hollywood's golden couple, Academy Award winner Janet Leigh and leading man Tony Curtis.

Fifty four year old Jamie was once quoted as saying, "Acting is in my blood." That it is, as she is a successful film and television actress herself, having won a Golden Globe for her acting in the very successful True Lies film!

Earlier in her career she was otherwise known as "the queen of scream", as she starred in several horror films, including Halloween, The Fog, and Prom Night.

She quickly evolved and began shedding her "scream queen" image with films like 1988's mega hit, A Fish Called Wanda, and as mentioned above, 1994's True Lies.

In recent years, she was introduced to a new audience after starring alongside Lindsay Lohan in the wildly successful film, Freaky Friday. She revealed her comedic abilities alongside Tim Allen, in the family film, Christmas With The Kranks.

Nevertheless, behind closed doors, like us, she struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction.

No only was quitting drugs and alcohol the bravest thing she ever did, in her own words, "It is the bravest thing I will ever do."

For Jamie, she would learn early that alcoholism is a family disease, as her father struggled with alcoholism, her maternal grandfather and several of her siblings. The former, her father, successfully addressed his struggles with drugs and alcohol during a 1982 stint at the The Betty Ford Center. From 1982 until his death in 2010, he remained clean and sober.

During her interview with Good Housekeeping magazine she further revealed, "Being courageous enough to acknowledge my [addiction/alcoholism] privately with my family and friends….working really hard at solidifying it…..getting support around it……being healthy, and then talking about it publicly, that is the single greatest accomplishment of my life."

Jamie, thanks for your transparency and Congratulations on 14 years of sobriety.

If you or someone that you love is struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism, please call us. We want to help you.

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