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It’s Never Too Late To Get Help

on Tuesday, 18 December 2012. Posted in Voices in Recovery, Breaking News

Addiction Recovery

By Alexandra Rose

There is never a time limit on receiving help so long as you are willing to accept it.

We all have different stories but what we have in common is that we have the disease of alcoholism. As we get sober our appearances even begin to transform. We look so much better that one might not look at us and even know the despair we have been through.

Recently, a friend of mine told me a story about his long lost sister. My friend, who is sober and in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, has a sister that he lost contact with for fifteen years due to her drug use.

She was a prostitute and junkie living on the streets of New York City. Every time he would visit the city he made attempts to locate her. Due to his persistence, he frequently obtained information indicating that she was alive. Although, he could never discover her exact whereabouts.

Meanwhile, he continued to live his life, which included occasional visits to New York that were unrelated to searching for his long lost sister.

One particular New York visit, he just could not help himself, as a last minute thought came to once again to attempt to find her.

Suddenly, he was scouring the streets, as he knew of some of the streets she worked; multiple sources led him to a particular location.

Although he had nearly lost hope, he decided to follow-up that would send him to a coffee shop that she frequented. As he sat there finishing up his cup of coffee, he heard a voice deep within exclaim, “order another cup of coffee.”

As he sat, waiting for the waitress to bring his second cup of coffee, what happened next nearly brought him to tears, his sister walked through the doors…….it was his first time seeing her in fifteen years.

As mentioned in The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, she “was not a vision….” She was nearly unrecognizable…….she looked like death.

Classic symptoms of rampant addiction were all about her….her teeth were completely rotted, she weighed nothing, and she had just finished smoking crack.

She was clearly overwhelmed at the sight of her brother, as tears slid down either side of her cheeks.

He insisted that she pull up a chair. They sat and had coffee together until she wanted to go and use crack. Immediately, he reached out to his God, “Please tell me what to do next.” Before he knew it, they were walking around the city trying to locate a place for her to detox. He was determined to get his sister help and not leave her alone.

He made calls to several detoxes……they all knew who she was because she had been in and out of them. None of them had beds available to her. Again, he asked his higher power what to do next, and after making one more call to a detox, the man on the other line told him that if he brought his sister to the detox facility within twenty minutes he would give her a bed. Although he got her to the facility, she left that detox within two days.

Not knowing what else to do, he booked two flights to Los Angeles, one for each of them, as she agreed to go. The only problem was that she had no identification. He pleaded with the airline to let her on the plane because she needed to get treatment. After thoroughly searching her, the airline miraculously let her on the plane. She detoxed at his Los Angeles apartment for an entire month.

Throughout the difficulty of trying to help his sister, he constantly gave his will up to his God who guided him through obtaining help for her. Today, she has in excess of ten years of sobriety, and in addition to working a good program of Alcoholics Anonymous, she sponsors other women as well. My friend is extremely grateful to have a great relationship with his sister and he is even inspired by her program.

This story really touched my heart and reminded me to never give up on anyone. Even a hope-to-die alcoholic can get sober if he/ or she is willing.

Maybe that homeless person or that someone who constantly relapses might not be sober now, but there is always a chance that they could obtain sobriety in the future. Alcoholics Anonymous doesn’t discriminate and is always there for people who want to work towards sobriety.

If you or someone that you love is struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism, please call or text us. We want to help you.

Photo Courtesy of: theweedpatch

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