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Is Johnny Depp Entering Rehab?

on Wednesday, 07 January 2015. Posted in Breaking News

The actor's recent appearance at the Hollywood Film Awards has aroused concern among fans and peers about his alcohol use. Depp took the stage at the awards show in November to introduce the Mike Myers documentary, Supermensch: The Legend Of Shep Gordon, which won an award. Depp appeared to be intoxicated.

The actor slurred his words and uttered explicatives during the intro and fumbled with the microphone. The audience and Shep Gordon himself laughed it off, but the actor's odd behavior did not go unnoticed. Depp is known for being an eccentric, but this particular incident seemed to be an indicator of something more serious.

One of the people who is most concerned about Depp is his fiancee, actress Amber Heard. The two began dating after working together in the 2011 film The Rum Diary. The couple announced their engagement in January 2014 to the delight of fans. After a few months, however, Heard cancelled their wedding plans as their relationship began to falter.

It is believed that drugs and alcohol were a factor in the couple's relationship troubles. 28 year old Heard was known for her hard partying ways and some believed she was to blame for reintroducing Depp to heavy drinking. Nevertheless, the two have appeared to have taken these concerns seriously, with Heard cleaning up her own act and Depp rumored to have entered rehab after his disturbing appearance.

Depp had spoken about his relationship with alcohol in a 2014 Rolling Stone interview, saying that he did enjoy drinking and that maybe it had caused problems in his life. The actor did not call himself an alcoholic, but did admit that he had a problem with drinking in moderation.

At the time Depp had been sober for about a year and a half. It's rumored that after the incident at the Hollywood Film Awards, Depp was encouraged by Heard and other loved ones to enter rehab. Depp chose an at home rehab program to ensure he would retain his privacy during his treatment. Film premieres and other scheduled appearances by the actor were cancelled in December so that Depp could focus on treatment.

Heard has made it very clear to Depp that addressing his problems with alcohol is what their relationship needs to survive. Although the couple has put their engagement on hold, the two are still together and appear to be getting along wonderfully. Depp and Heard made a recent public appearance at the actor's mother's 80th birthday party on New Year's Eve.

The intimate family birthday bash took place at Robert De Niro's restaurant Ago in West Hollywood. Depp and Heard arrived quietly and slipped quickly into the restaurant. The couple then left in the same manner shortly after midnight while others continued to enjoy the festivities inside. Their recent appearance has put rumors of a break up to rest. Sources close to the couple say that Depp and Heard are getting along and are very happy together.

Depp had previously been in a 14 year relationship with french singer, model, and actress Vanessa Paradis. The two met while Depp was filming The Ninth Gate and were never officially married although they did have two children, Lily Rose and Jack, together. The two announced their separation in 2012, shortly after which Depp began dating Heard. Depp was married to Lori Anne Allison, the sister of one of his band members, for a brief time in the 1980's and has not remarried since.


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