Illinois Law Cracking Down on Heroin and…. ‘Blunt Wraps’???

on Thursday, 21 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Heroin

blunt wraps

Lawmakers in Illinois are tightening the noose on people caught with heroin. With a growing problem on their hands, state Representative Dennis Reboletti has sent legistation to Gov. Pat Quinn that would impose harsher punishments on heroin dealers.

If the proposed legislation is made law, people caught with three or more grams of heroin would receive automatic prison time. Under the current law, people caught with as much as five grams could possibly avoid prison time by way of probation. Typically anyone carrying this amount is not holding it for “personal use.”

However, the part of this proposal that is catching a lot of attention is the second provision, which moves to outlaw the sale of flavored “blunt wraps.” Technically, the wraps are sold for rolling tobacco, but are mostly used for marijuana.

The two provisions were joined together in the Illinois Senate and attached to legislation that did not originally include either issue.

Although many lawmakers may have never cared to much about banning ‘blunt wraps’, most would like to see tighter laws in place for heroin possession. So will attaching a somewhat non-concern issue to something like this heroin plan actually get ‘blunt wraps’ banned?

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