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How To Show Gratitude In Sobriety

on Wednesday, 13 August 2014. Posted in Breaking News

How To Show Gratitude In Sobriety

The life that one lives under the tyranny of an addiction is one filled with stress, pain and isolation. Addictions are in no way beneficial to those who are in their grip, and for someone to get out of them they seem to have to have no other option.

When it comes time for an addict to get sober, it is recommended that the person get themselves into the care of a detox facility. This is under the circumstance that the person is addicted to a substance, like hard drugs or alcohol. In a detox facility, one receives aid in that they are able to get over the physical addiction. This usually deals with withdrawals, for which there are a large number of medication and other techniques that are used in order to make them more tolerable. One of the best ways to take full advantage of this process is to be grateful that there are places like these in existence now, which was not always the case, which are staffed with people who care about the well being of their patients. One would do well to make sure to express that gratitude towards those who are there helping them. Working in detox facilities is not an easy job.

After someone is over their physical withdrawals, they are typically moved to the care of a treatment facility. In these places, one will start to heal the emotional and mental wounds that have come about over the course of their using. This process is helped along by counselors and other types of people working in the treatment facilities who are trained in the ways of assisting addicts in getting back to being more confident and more useful to themselves.

At this point, with the addiction over with and the physical withdrawals in the past, one should take a moment to sit back and reflect on all the horror that has passed, and that the likelihood of it returning is rather small. Being thankful for such a thing will allow one to feel better about the place that they are in and where they are going. Sharing it with others in the treatment facility, the feeling of gratitude and the ideas behind it, will show others that the practice of being thankful can be beneficial and help ease the shame and the pain.

Again, it would be wise to express this gratitude towards the people who work in the treatment facility. What they do is essential to the recovery of others and they generally take pride in it; working in the field of treatment is usually not done for the wonderful amounts of money one gets paid while doing so. They want to be there and they want to help. Being reminded that they are helping will make one also feel good.

Once out of the care of a treatment facility, one can breath a breath of fresh air. Ahead is a new life, one executed by the newfound skills that one has acquired in treatment. The addiction is over, recovery is now and the best is yet to come. Taking a moment to appreciate this is a good way to stay grounded and make life easier to deal with. If someone in recovery is in constant reminder of how bad it was and how good it is now, then they will be able to live a life that is more free of stress and worry, as well as having a buffer in between them and a possible relapse.

Expressing this gratitude towards yourself and others in recovery around you can only be beneficial. Being thankful for what you do have (and the bad things that you do not) will not lead anyone astray. It will start to rub off on others as well once they see the condition you are in, and without knowing it, you are spreading a healing power around you. 

photo credit: OregonDOT via photopin cc

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