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How To Set Goals During Recovery

on Monday, 15 February 2016. Posted in Breaking News

How To Set Goals During Recovery

For many people setting goals makes achieving things a lot easier. Setting goals can help focus one's energy and motivation, and make dreams more achievable. A person can get a clearer idea of what steps they need to take and how much of themselves they need to devote in order to achieve their dreams.

Setting goals is an important topic for someone in recovery because it's a necessary part of making progress and transforming one's life after years of addiction or alcoholism.

Each person will have their own ideas about what goals they want to achieve in recovery. This is why it's important to not compare yourself to others when deciding what goals you want to work on. Some common goals that you may want to work on include,

-Working on overcoming personality defects that are self destructive, including impulsiveness, negative self talk, or self gratifying behavior.
-Finding emotional sobriety, or the ability to experience feelings without having them affect behavior or become overwhelming. Not having to escape from unpleasant feelings is another big part of achieving emotional sobriety.
-Rebuilding damaged relationships if possible. Also, learning new skills to foster and create new, positive relationships.
-Finding a general purpose in life, either through a career, hobby, or other focus.
-Rebuilding any other areas that were damaged by addiction. This could be a career, family, relationships, or creative endeavors.

Important things to remember when making goals in recovery.

A goal is something to aim for. It gives a person a sense of purpose in life, which is very important for someone recovering from addiction. Setting goals also builds a sense of responsibility and self worth in a person.

Suddenly, a person can realize they have a lot more control over the direction their life takes than they previously thought. Goals make recovery into a process that is always changing, rather than an event. This means that simply deciding to get sober isn't enough and that hard work and dedication is necessary to really make progress.

The importance of failure.

Having a realistic attitude toward goal setting will make all the difference in recovery, especially when it comes to failure. A person will inevitably face setbacks and even total failure during their recovery. Looking at these events as opportunities to grow, or signs that you need to change course, make them important milestones. Remember, there is not a single person in recovery who hasn't faced some kind of failure or setback.

Other things to consider.

-Be realistic about your goals. Break them up into smaller goals if necessary and focus on each part at a time.
-Try to set goals that can be achieved in the near future. This makes it harder to get distracted or discouraged. You'll see progress sooner and feel strong enough to take on the next goal.
-Everyone has a different strategy for achieving their goals. Find the right one for you and stop comparing yourself to others.
-A goal should focus on something you want to change in yourself. You should never attempt to change another person's behavior or opinion.
-Be sure to set goals for changes you want to make, not changes that only serve to satisfy other people.
-It's okay to ask for help when you need it.
-Keep goals realistic and attainable, or else you are only setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.
-Try not to identify with your goals. Your whole sense of self esteem shouldn't be tied up with achieving things. Know that you are a strong and valuable person even if you fail.

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