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How Spirituality Plays a Part in Recovery from Alcoholism

on Monday, 24 November 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Recovery from alcoholism is a journey that requires strength and devotion. When a person is recovering from addiction to alcohol, they must come to terms with the destructive behaviors they have been engaging in and learn to think and behave in a way that is conducive to their sobriety.

Because recovery can be such a challenging and difficult process, it is necessary for a newly recovering addict to have some kind of belief system that will allow them to weather even the most challenging moments of recovery. This is why spirituality plays such a large role in the recovery community. Spirituality often goes hand in hand with the type of growth that is necessary in order to stay sober over the course of a lifetime.

Spirituality and Letting Go of Control

One thing that many addicts have in common is a desire to control situations that they actually have no control over. In fact, this is, in part, a reason that many alcoholics use: because there are things happening in their life that cause them grief, anger, and sadness, and they feel frustrated by their inability to control these things and use alcohol as a means of controlling their reality.

A big part of recovery is not only learning to control things in a healthy and productive way, but also to begin to understand that there are certain things in life that are not in anyone's control. Developing a sense of spirituality helps with this and allows a recovering alcoholic to let go of the need to control everything.

Strength in Times of Weakness

There is no doubt that getting sober is a process that requires a large amount of mental and spiritual strength. Alcoholism is an all-encompassing drug, and even after a recovering addict has detoxed, they are certain to face struggles, including strong and sometimes overwhelming emotions and the desire to use.

Spirituality is a tool that makes even severe obstacles seem surmountable and gives recovering addicts the tools they need to face challenges with strength and resolve. Spirituality can be the voice that tells a recovering addict that they have exactly what they need to get sober and to stay clean for a life time.

Guidance in Decision Making

A big part of living a healthy and sober life is making choices that support a recovering addict's ability to live in a way that will make them feel good about who they are and how they are behaving. There are many ways that having a strong spiritual point of view can help a recovering addict to behave in a way that will make them have a good self image.

Being in touch with one's spiritual side helps one to act toward other people in the way that they would like to be treated. It also helps a recovering addict to be in touch with the way that certain behaviors and actions make them feel about themselves. Many people in recovery have reported, for example, that acting in service towards members of their community increases their sense of self worth and helps to cultivate a sense of gratitude.

Being in touch with a sense of spirituality also helps a recovering addict to be aware of when they do not feel comfortable with a situation or a group of people, and they may become more adept at learning to avoid the people and places that may pose a risk to their happiness and sobriety. Spirituality is truly a priceless and necessary tool for any person who is preparing to take the journey of sobriety.


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