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Heroin Use on the Rise in Minnesota Suburbs

on Tuesday, 22 May 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Heroin

Heroin Addiction

Police warn that heroin has taken over the suburbs, especially in Shakopee, Minnesota. According to, one teen said, "Everyone calls our town, H-Town, heroin town."

The Chaska Police Chief claims the heroin in the area is pure, offered very cheap, and is coming by the truckload from Mexico. Teens in the area say they can get their hands on a bag for as little as $5, which is cheaper than a movie ticket these days.

In Shakopee, there have been numerous break-ins because of the drug, and many of the offenders are very young. Geoffrey Nysansi's home was broken into while his wife was in the shower. Nysani said the burglar was so young-looking that you would never think he was coming to rob them. Another three youth were charged with breaking into at least ten homes in Shakopee, and they reportedly sold all the stolen valuables at pawn shops to get money for their next fix.

Rachel Rhinesmith was a high school volleyball star who had just signed on to play in college. She was arrested and confessed to stealing and selling her father's jewelry to support a $100 a day heroin habit. She is now in treatment.

Forty-six people overdosed on heroin in surrounding counties last year.

If you or someone you know is struggling with heroin addiction, please contact us.

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