Hawaiians Participate In Meth Awareness Week

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Meth Awareness Week

Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches and delicious food. When people think of Hawaii they often envision a tropical and idyllic lifestyle. But one problem the island has been struggling with is meth addiction. The issue has become such a problem on the island that Hawaiians have started participating in meth awareness week. Meth has become embedded in the fabric of every community in Hawaii and has become an epidemic.

Why Meth Is So Dangerous
Meth is a drug that is usually found in a crystalline form and is generally smoked or injected. An illegal street drug, it is popular because it makes the user feel an enhanced sense of happiness and a boost in confidence that lasts for many hours. What happens next, though, is that the user needs to use more and more quantities of meth to experience the same levels of euphoria. And over time, meth systematically breaks down the body. Other side effects of meth include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Meth mouth (characterized by tooth decay)
  • Hallucinations

The physical deterioration that happens to meth addicts is so bad that before and after photos of people who use meth are commonly shown, where the addict appears decades older this his chronological age. Meth is also an extremely addictive drug, and people who try it can become addicted after using it only once. As a result, chronic meth users often become homeless and are unable to break the stranglehold that meth takes on their life.

Meth Use In Hawaii
Hawaii, unfortunately, has been hit particularly hard by a crystal meth epidemic. In Hawaii meth is often referred to as “ice” and in towns all across Hawaii entire families have fallen prey to the drug. Reportedly the insidious effects meth has had on communities all across Hawaii have been more destructive than any other drug. Meth is now a problem in virtually every community in Hawaii. The drug is most commonly smoked and is imported from California and Mexico.

Those who become addicted to the drug inevitably become meth zombies, and drift into a life of homelessness, crime, and even prostitution. Hawaii officials have become so alarmed by this growing problem they have taken steps to raise awareness amongst residents about how serious this problem really is.

Meth Awareness Week In Hawaii
The end of November marks the beginning of Meth Awareness Week. Awareness campaigns are being started to educate people, particularly young people and teens, about the dangers of meth. A great deal of content, from educational to more creative, will be shown to teenagers to show how dangerous meth can be, destroying families, communities, and countless lives of young people just like them. Other initiatives done in other states have shown that young people will listen and make wise decisions when given the proper education. The goal of Meth Awareness Week is to dramatically lower the numbers of young people getting hooked on meth. By targeting the younger population, officials are hoping to start eradicating the meth epidemic from the communities of Hawaii.

Recovering meth addicts will talk to young people about avoiding meth, and workshops will be held all day about how to avoid getting involved with meth. Meth Awareness Week is a truly worthwhile and inspiring initiative that is seeking to stop the devastation the drug has already had on the community.

Hawaii reportedly ranks second in the country in terms of meth usage by state, so Meth Awareness Week is a greatly needed initiative. Teenagers might not realize just using the drug once can result in a lifetime of addiction. They are being educated to say no to meth, and not to try it even once.

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