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Hash Oil Explosion Results in Manufacturing and Murder Charges

on Monday, 18 June 2012. Posted in Medical Marijuana, Breaking News

hash oil explosion

Blowing up your apartment while trying to cook hash oil has popped up in the news lately. According to, in February a 33-year-old medical marijuana patient blew up her fiance's apartment while attempting to cook hash in the bathroom. Now, KTUV reports a young California couple was arrested for blowing up their apartment while attempting to make a bootleg drug that is legal with a prescription in their state.

The incident actually occurred a year ago, but police launched a 13-month-investigation. They finally determined that the young couple accidentally blew up the building by mishandling butane that is used in the cooking process of this particular hash oil.

The butane is used to extract the hash oil, but in this case, the flammable substance pooled on the floor and ignited, causing $350,000 damage.

The couple was hospitalized for severe burns after the accident, along with a third person in their apartment, 35-year-old Paul Lom. According to witnesses, all three were seen outside of the apartment after the explosion, severely burned "with their skin and clothing peeling off."

Paul died in the hospital from the injuries.

The couple has now been arrested for suspicion of manufacturing a controlled substance, as well as the murder of Paul Lom.

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